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Mulligans Flat School site

The Mulligans Flat School site is located on the north side of the beginning of the gravel track from Forde into Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve in Canberra Nature Park.

Location: GR 55H FB 95487-06469 (MGA94), Hall 8727-4S 1:25000

Mulligans Flat school site, July 2009

Visits: 13 Jan 11, 28 Jul 09

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• Signage: The schools are marked by two rows of radiata pine which formed the boundary of the school yard. A photinia bush still stands within the yard.
Two schools were built on this site. The first, built in 1896, was a wooden slab building with a bark roof. It was built by local volunteer labour and most likely by parents of school-age children. The first building was used for some 17 years but became unsuitable when it began to deteriorate.
A second, more substantial building was built in 1913. This was a weatherboard structure with a corrugated iron roof. It was a square building approximately six metres by six metres in the same design as the Hall schoolhouse. It was built above ground with concrete steps leading up to the entrance. A brick hearth and chimney were supported on mortared stone foundations.
A corrugated iron water tank rested on slabs on the opposite side of the building from the chimney. At least one outhouse provided for toilet facilities.
After a period of closure the school was repaired and reopened in 1922 as a part-time school. In 1931 it was finally dismantled and removed in 1933.
A few traces are all that remain of this second schoolhouse. They are located approximately 50 metres in a northerly direction from the car park.