Last updated 2Jul19

Lees Creek Camp and Nursery site

Lees Creek Camp and Nursery site is located beside Warks Rd and near the map-marked meteorological station in the Uriarra Pine Forest, ACT Forests.

Location: GR 55H FA 69226-86537 (MGA94), Cotter Dam 8627-2N 1:25000

Old Lees Creek Nursery site, May 2011

Visits: 14 Jun 19, 7 Jun 11, 21 May 11

Photographs are available.


• Lees Creek camp was the location from which the workers were temporarily based – it had a toilet and was set around a nursery where the pine seedlings were raised for use in the forest. You would still be able to see remnants of the irrigation pipes just to the east of the toilet ruins and sign. A very large pump was located on the creek due north of the nursery site and water was pumped up to the nursery – there may be still some signs of its location as it did have a substantial cement landing and base. The camp and nursery are the one and the same and yes I did have the sign erected on that site. Source: Neil Cooper Manager Fire, Forest and Roads ACT Parks and Conservation Service, email 3/6/11.