Last updated 12Jun19

Edward Brayshaws Hut site

Edward Brayshaws Hut site is located on the true left side of Naas Creek north-east of Lutons Crutching Shed in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: GR 55H FA 76316-33920 (MGA94), Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000

Edward Brayshaws Hut site, July 2011

Visits: 19 Jul 11

Photographs are available.


• KHA Namadgi database (private source). Site 883. The remains of this hut consist of remnant chimney stones and a fallen, squared post; suckering fruit trees stand nearby.  The hut was not shown in the 1908 survey of the block.  It seems possible that the hut would have belonged to members of either the …

Gudgenby: A register of archaeological sites in the proposed Gudgenby National Park, J H Winston-Gregson MA thesis, ANU, 1978. Site B11. Granite hearth and eight postholes, also remnants of ‘post and two rail’ garden fence. Thicket of plum trees. See extracts of the relevant pages in the photos above.

• Steve Brayshaw’s paper: “EDWARD BRAYSHAW 1 Located at grid reference: 676321 East, 6033918 North. Surveyed on 8th April 1885. Still evidence of an orchard.” (Source: Steve Brayshaw’s paper)