Last updated 12Jun19

Drop log Fencing on the Boboyan Divide

Lengths of drop log fencing totalling 1.6km along the ACT border in the SW on the Boboyan Divide in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: Length 1 from GR 55H FA 76555-26477 to 75985-26997 (MGA94); site at GR 55H FA 75734-27253 (MGA94); length 2 from GR 55H FA 75571-27417 to 75212-27940 (MGA94), Shannons Flat 8626-2S 1:25000

Drop-log fence, April 2010

Visits: 30 Aug 14, 23 Mar 13, 28 Dec10, 13 Apr 10

Photographs are available.


• A total of 1.6km in 0.74km and 0.86km segments. There may be more. Marked on original border survey diary A 1089 – G40 to R87 – FC18 sheet 9, 10 – (PDF 14.0 mb) as Fork and Pack Fence.