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Brayshaws Hut

Brayshaws Hut is located beside the Boboyan Rd in the southern ACT in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: GR 55H FA 79187-28117 (MGA94), Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000

Brayshaws Hut, May 2007

Visits: 7 Oct 23, 27 Aug 16, 23 Mar 13, 15 Mar 11, 28 Dec 10, 20 Jul 10, 24 Jun 08, 18 Mar 08, 8 May 07

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KHA web site: Brayshaws was built in 1903 by Edward Brayshaw for Davey Brayshaw, to support grazing. Davey was one of nine sons born to William and Flora (nee Crawford) Brashaw and lived here until his death in 1931. It was occupied until the early 1960’s after which it was converted to shearers quarters. A shearing shed used to exist up the hill from the house, along with extensive yards, all removed when the land was resumed for the Gudgneby Nature Reserve. From the 1930’s it was occupied by Henry and Iris Curtis, who built timber and fibro extensions. In the late 1980s, it has received extensive renovation, returning it to the original design. This involved removing a more recent extension from the rear of the building, plus extensive repair work to the original. This picture was taken in 1991 during that restoration. Across the road from Brayshaw’s hut, are the ruins of an old school house. Known locally as the Tin Dish School, and officially as the Bobeyan Subsidised School, it was a small one roomed structure of weatherboards and iron. It was built by local parents from materials from another school. Only squared blocks of grey stone from the fire place remain. it opened for first term of 1907, operated for four terms of 1908 and 1909, then closed at the end of the first term in 1910. William Gottaas was the teacher. Children from the Dwyer, Perry, Westerman and Chalker families attended, as their holdings were along nearby Grassy Creek.

• KHA Namadgi database (private source). Site 264. AHC Registered Site No. 101060. This residence was built during 1903, possibly by Edward Brayshaw and is one of only two slab and shingle dwellings remaining in Namadgi. The building has been conserved to its 1930s appearance. A shearing shed had been …

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• Steve Brayshaw’s paper: “‘Brayshaws’Located at grid reference: 679202 East, 6028126 North. Hut restored by KHA.”

• ACT Government Settlers Track brochure