Latest News – Cbr100Challenge have published the official gpx file here.
Cbr100Challenge Routes

The Cbr100Challenge published a route map here. It’s a 4.2MG jpg, so it can be pumped up in a viewer to see the detail. Based on this, I then used OziExplorer on NSWLPI Topoview 2006 and GPSOZ OZraster digital maps to make a planned track to walk, of my best approximation.

25km Route

Yet to sort this out, but we’ve done it except for the bit from Lady Denman Drive up Black Mountain.

50km Route

Canberra Bushwalking Club trips travelled the 50km route on 10 Jan 15 and 20 Jan 15. I ran my GPSr to record the actual track walked. Cobbling the relevant sections of the records together for my best guess at the 50km route gives:

Track map


gpx File

Download the gpx file here (Right click, Save Link As…, Save – if you want to use it.)

kml File

Download the kml file here.


No guarantees. In OziExplorer, the walked track measures 54.7km. The Elevation Profile of the kml file in Google Earth measures 53.5km and 1299m total climb.

Route Description

Start at Westside@ActonPark, the pile of containers being built up near Mr Spokes Bike Hire.

Go south along the bike path, under Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and along the R G Menzies Walk along the edge of Commonwealth Park by Lake Burley Griffin.

Where the bike path leaves the R G Menzies Walk, veer left along the bike path and then leave the bike path to cross the creek and go to the underpass near the toilet block.

Go under Parkes Way, turn right and walk along the edge of the building to Anzac Parade.

Walk up Anzac Parade and cross Limestone Avenue at the lights.

Walk around the north-west side of the War Memorial, passing the Administration building on your left. Cross Treloar St and walk along the parkland to the bottom of the Mt Ainslie Track.

Walk up the Mt Ainslie Track to the Mt Ainslie Lookout.

Leave the Lookout via the concrete footpath beside the road in a clockwise direction. At the Canberra Centenary Trail gateway, descend the steps.

Follow the CCT along the track on the old benched vehicle track, below the current road.

Go through the gate. At the next track intersection veer right and go downhill to the East. At the management trail at the bottom, turn left and follow the power lines north.

At the next intersection, take the minor track which goes uphill to the north-east.

At the next complex intersection near a reservoir, go through the gate and take the straight management track steeply up the hill to the NW. At the next intersection join the Mt Majura Track which goes N and over the bridge with the rocky gully, then down to the bottom steps onto the management trail.

Go N along the management trail for 20m, then follow the walking trail down to the left which takes you to Antill St Watson.

Cross Antill St and walk between the back of the houses in Watson and the power line easement. Continue onto Stirling Avenue and down to The Federal Highway. Turn left (SW towards Civic) and walk to the traffic lights at the T-intersection with Flemington Rd. Cross at the lights and walk across the front of EPIC. Cross Flemington Rd at the pedestrian crossing. Walk the West side of Flemington Rd and turn left into Randwick Rd.

Walk Randwick Rd to the Barton Highway.

Turn right onto the Barton Highway. Stay on the East side. Be careful along here – there are times when you can walk on the away side of the road behind wire safety barriers, but at other times you have to walk on the on-road bike path. Walk the Barton Highway until you get to the bike path/horse underpass under the Highway. Go under and join the bike path

Walk south-west to join the bike path on the southern side of Ellenborough St (you can cut the corner a bit here).

Follow the bike path West until you are just past the road into the Kaleen Horse Paddocks on the other side of Ellenborough St. You will see a clearway leaving the bike path to the SW which will take you to a gate into the Lyneham Ridge Eucalypt Plantation. Once through the gate, turn left up the track beside the fence to a T-intersection with a nearby sign.

Turn right and walk generally SW and south through the Lyneham Eucalypt Plantation. There are plenty of braided tracks here. Exit via a gate in the south-east corner and follow the track towards the nearby houses.

Although we walked between the back of the houses and Ginninderra Drive, I’d recommend walking East along Dutterau Cres, East on Fred Williams Cres and East on Cossington Smith Cres until you see the entrance to the Ginninderra Drive overpass bridge.

Cross the road bridge and follow the path to Archibald St. Turn West along Archibald St and walk to the corner with Dryandra St. You’ll see a gate on the high side of Dryandra St which is the entrance to the O’Connor Ridge Nature Reserve.

Walk generally south-west through the O’Connor Ridge Nature Reserve (there are many alternate tracks) to join the major bike path which runs along the border of the O’Connor Ridge and Bruce Ridge Nature Reserves. Turn left (south-east) along this bike path and walk to Dryandra St.

Walk south along the side of Dryandra St and cross MacArthur Avenue on the west side of the roundabout. Pick up the Canberra Centenary Trail markers which will take you generally south between Barry Drive and Dryandra St. Go under Barry Drive at the Frith St underpass.

Pick up the CCT on the high side of Frith St and follow it around the west side of the electricity sub-station. Follow the roads across the back of the Botanic Gardens and pick up the steep, concreted track which goes up to Black Mountain. This is still the CCT.

At Black Mountain, follow the road down towards the east side of the tower. Pick up the CCT on the left, before you go under the bridge to the tower base.

Follow this trail down to the south, through the car park and across Black Mountain Drive. Follow the track which contours from the south around to the west and back to the north of Black Mountain (you’ve been here before).

Follow management trails in a northerly direction until to reach a track junction which has a greater than 90 turn back to the left. Follow it to the SW to near the Caswell Drive underpass.

Follow the track to the south, paralleling Caswell Drive and staying on its eastern side.

Coming out of the timber and into more open grasslands, as you near Glen Loch Interchange veer down to the right and through a gate which takes you onto the major bike path Turn North (right) and follow the bike path under Caswell Drive and under Old Caswell Drive. Leave the bike path and go through the horse underpass under William Hovell Drive.

Enter the Cork Oak Plantation from the North. A lovely walk through this peaceful area, exiting to the South.

Follow the track south and, with the Himalayan Cedars in sight, turn up the hill on the management trail to your right.

At the crest of the hill walk onto the sealed Himalayan Cedar Rd and down to the T-intersection with Forest Drive. Follow Forest Drive across the back of the Arboretum Village.

The map obviously does not go straight to Dairy Farmers Hill and I got a bit lost here. We walked down Quarry Rd, then onto a vague track heading towards the power lines. Decided to give it away and head back towards Dairy Farmers Hill and pick up the descending Forest Drive.

Exit the Arboretum and cross the road and under the Tuggeranong Parkway. Cross Lady Denman Drive at the lights and walk down towards the National Rock Garden and the parking area for the Lindsay Pryor Arboretum. Round the fence corner and turn right to join the bike path round the lake, heading generally SW.

Follow the bike path across Scrivener Dam, alongside Lady Denman Drive and under Cotter Road. Stay on the bike path and go under McCulloch St. Continue on the bike path at the back of the houses in NE Curtin. The Yarralumla Creek concrete floodway is on your left.

At Carruthers St, ascend to the roadway and cross the road bridge over Yarra Glen. Get up to Kent St (map a little unclear here – don’t know if there is a public path between The Woden School and Alfred Deakin High).

Make your way up the road on the north side of the Deakin Telephone Exchange and Deakin Offices. There is a gate into the Red Hill Nature Reserve. Follow the main management trail up through the reservoirs, cross Gowrie Drive, walk up the wooden steps and join Red Hill Drive. Walk up the side of the road to the reservoir on the corner. Just round the corner, on the north side of the road, is an entrance to steps which go down past the Tardis!

Follow the track down, cross Mugga Way, take the little diagonal street to Melbourne Avenue.

Walk down Melbourne Avenue. Cross at the lights and turn left (clockwise) beside State Circle. Walk under Adelaide Avenue and pick up the beginning of a track which crosses the cloverleaf feeder to State Circle (careful of vehicles) and then winds pleasantly between State and Capital Circles.

At Scriveners camp site join the bike path that doubles back under Capital Circle and winds up through the side of the Parliament House gardens. Walk around the corner of Parliament Drive and across to the top of Federation Mall.

Walk down Federation Mall, over the land bridge over State Circle, around the NW (left) side of Old Parliament House, down past the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and the National Rose Garden, beside Questacon and to the paths along the edge of Lake Burley Griffin.
Turn left and walk across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, around the side of Barrine Drive and to Westside@ActonPark.

100km Route

Yet to try the substantial part of this. We did all the Canberra Centenary Trail on 19 Oct 13, 27 Oct 13 and 21 Dec 13, but training for the 100km walk is giving me sore feet 🙁