‘Greens Peak’ (SH1409), Corin Dam, Bimberi Peak, Mt Gingera

Tuesday 9 May 2023: Geocaches South of Fishing Gap – M/R. Follow the fire trail to Fishing Gap and then head in the opposite direction of Mt Domain to some knolls often referred to, but not officially named as, Mt. Green. Steepish ascent, off track and through thick undergrowth. Thirty years ago there were good views over Corin Dam to be had. Probably a shortish day but with the scrub it may take longer than expected. Previous experience in scrub bashing is essential.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 12.42km | Climb: 615m | Time: 2:49 moving + 3:07 of stops = 5:56 | Grading: M/R; M(11).

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Track Notes

I was last in this area doing Fishing Gap – Smokers Gap crossovers on 10 Mar 07 and 21 May 05.

Meeting point was my old folks home, so I got to sleep in.

Walking at 8.30am and dispatched the 3.8km from the Fishing Gap car park to Fishing Gap in 1 hour.

Fishing Gap – a bit of snow on S face of Mt Domain

Turning up to the south, we climbed 1.7km and 210vm in 1hr 15mins. There were a few red tapes, which I decided to waypoint on the trip back down.

Tape 8

A variety of going, including a nice scree slope.

Climbing the scree slope

A few small patches of snow.

A few patches of snow about

Of course, there were several areas of regrowth.

Some close going

We reached morning tea, and geocache GC9ZQGG Not everyone does this Mt II, at 10.35am. Roger made the find.

Geocacher extraordinaire Marmaduke Rothschild at GC9ZQGG Not everyone does this Mt II

The 525 metre leg to the west to the 1370m knoll and the next cache took us 25 minutes.

On the ridge between the 2 caches

Garry made the find of GC9ZQF3 Not everyone does this Mt I. Will he change from a legendary walker into a geocacher? I think not. Some nice views.

‘Greens Peak’ (SH1409), Corin Dam, Bimberi Peak, Mt Gingera

‘Greens Peak’ (SH1409) with its severe northern face, was around 1.7km away as the crow flies.

‘Greens Peak’ (SH1409)

All that remained was to reverse out.

Starting the descent to Fishing Gap at 1280m contour

As I said, I waypointed the tapes on the way down. I’m sure I missed a couple at the top.

We stopped off the side of the Fishing Gap Road to find (thank you Roger) and log GC9ZTBX Fishinggap Frippery. Lunch.

I keep my phone alive as I walk, due to my dear wife’s needs (and inReach comms when out of mobile reception). So there are lots of dings if you walk with me. However, I checked my email at one stage and saw the notification of a new geocache GCA8CBE Sanctuary Start. We were close, a mere 5 crow flying kilometres away, but a few hours. A later check revealed that our hoped for first-to-find (FTF) had been gazumpted. And by the time we drove to the Sanctuary, another 2 had beaten us. Marmaduke Rothschild made the find, searching where I had previously and not found it. I love caching with him!

Great fun with top mates. Thanks Roger and all.

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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track overview Geocaches South of Fishing Gap

Track detail Geocaches South of Fishing Gap

Track detail Geocaches South of Fishing Gap – tapes

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


4 walkers – Garry B, Roger E (Marmaduke Rothschild) (leader), Phillip S, me (JohnnyBoyACT).

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