View from Mt Tennent
Saturday 8 March: Geocaching Mt Tennent – L/E. Geocache the Tennent Trail series up the Mt Tennent Fire Trail from Apollo Rd to Mt Tennent. Descend via the Link Track and AAWT to the Namadgi Visitors Centre, picking up another few caches.

I drove from Canberra and parked at the Mt Tennent Fire Trail car park on Apollo Rd.

Further Information

I’ve been struggling the last couple of days to get on even par with my geo-buddy Marmaduke Rothschild (aka Roger E). Here was a few easy ones (I hoped) and, because he’s more civic minded than I, I was hoping he was tied up serving the community and so couldn’t cache. That would give me a selfish opportunity to catch up. As well, there was a CBC walk from NVC to Mt Tennent and return and I’d asked Edwina Y that, if we met up, could she give me a lift back to my car.

As well, I’m no doubt disgraced in many people’s eyes because I postponed my 3-day trip to hunt border markers on the Scabby Range (now hopefully 14-16 Mar 14) and also caused another party going to the same area to postpone. As it turned out, a lovely day today. However, storms and rain this evening, so maybe I’m vindicated.


Distance: 18.6km | Climb: 840m | Time: 7.10am-1.05pm (5hrs 55mins), with 20 mins of breaks | Grading: L/E; M(11)

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slide show.

Google Earth

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Track Notes

Parked in the designated area on the side of Apollo Rd and immediately had the first of the Tennent Trail series to find and log.

Then followed a lovely wander up the Mt Tennent Fire Trail, finding all 21 in the series. I must say these COs (cache owners) go to a lot of trouble and expense to plant the caches. This series was extremely well set up – small steel containers equipped with log book and pencil, pencil sharpener and a well chosen small number of items.

The caches were:

GC4B97M 01 Tennent trail – Car park
GC4B97X 02 Tennent trail – Start gate
GC4B983 03 Tennent trail – Split rock
GC4B98B 04 Tennent trail – Log tree
GC4B98H 05 Tennent trail – Bridge Log
GC4B98X 06 Tennent trail – Rock crevice
GC4BAGA 07 Tennent trail – Prickle bush
GC4BAGF 08 Tennent trail – Burnt stump
GC4BAGJ 09 Tennent trail – Pipe exit
GC4BAGP 10 Tennent trail – Flat rocks
GC4BAHD 11 Tennent trail – Rock cave
GC4BAHJ 12 Tennent trail – Head height
GC4BAHN 13 Tennent trail – High voltage
GC4BAHP 14 Tennent trail – Twin stumps
GC4BAHX 15 Tennent trail – Rocky outcrop
GC4BAJ3 16 Tennent trail – Rock climb
GC4BAJB 17 Tennent trail – Ant Hill
GC4BAJF 18 Tennent trail – More rocks
GC4BAJJ 19 Tennent trail – Jaggy rock
GC4BAJQ 20 Tennent trail – Big stump
GC4BAJT 21 Tennent trail – Burnt tree.

I rang the CBC party when I could get a signal and was glad that I was ahead of them, thus ensuring my lift back to my car. At Mt Tennent I found GCVEMF Tennent’s Tip, then had a bite of morning tea.

Heading back down the steep straight bit of the Mt Tennent Fire Trail, I ran into the CBC party coming up just as I was about to duck off into the bush to find GC1XG61 Tennent Termination. Lovely view from this cache.

Back down in the nearby saddle, near where the link track meets the Mt Tennent FT, I found GC1XYV2 Basil the Brush Ranger Mk 2.

An uneventful trip down to Cypress Pine Lookout, running into quite a number of walkers. Two groups of 7 from Merici doing their silver Duke of Edinburgh hike. Somewhere on this leg I found the final GZ for GC1XYTA Tennent’s temptation. It’s a puzzle, so obviously I can’t reveal the final location.

Down at the NVC I picked up a drink, then found GC43AQE Lost on the way to camp…

Not wanting to hang about, I wandered back up along the AAWT and ran into them coming down after 1.5km.


1 walker – me.