2 maidens outsmart the clutches of King Kong

Saturday 8 June: Gorilla Rock – S/R,X. We will walk part of the AAWT from Honeysuckle Creek campground to collect geocache GC83AHH Booroomba Bedrock before retracing our steps and detouring off-track to Gorilla Rock to collect GC1TV31 King Kong. If we have any lock pickers along we can also attempt GC69RT4 Torrevieja. Relatively short walk, total climb about 200m. This is a great introductory walk for those new to off-track walking. Accessible for anyone with moderate fitness. Map: Corin Dam. Leader: Robyn H.

Further Information

My last trip through here on 22 Nov 16.


Distance: 8.7km | Climb: 250m | Time: 8.45am – 12.30pm (3hrs 45mins), including 20 mins of breaks and some geocaching time | Grading: S/E-M; E(7).


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A great crowd of 17, more young than young at heart, gathered and we drove to the Honeysuckle Creek camping ground.

A little wander in to the Australian Alps Walking Track, stopping for the geocache GC26965 Exploring History – Honeysuckle Creek at the old truck body.

A little geocaching

Once on the AAWT, we continued with much chatter for another 2.6km to the prominent rock slab just of the NW of the pad. Here another cache, GC83AHH Booroomba Bedrock, was logged.

And a little more geocaching

We retreated back west for around 1km and headed up a gentle rise for the lock pickers among us to try their luck at geocache GC69RT4 Torrevieja. Unfortunately the torsion wrench is a little worse for wear and the rake broken, so no joy.

Waiting in the scrub whilst the lock pickers try their luck

Back onto the AAWT for a bit then, at the next bridge, a wander up through the bush to the wonderful Gorilla Rock.

Exploring around Gorilla Rock

A find of GC1TV31 King Kong for those needing it. Two of the party climbed up a bit.

Gorilla Rock

And the rest of us had morning tea.

Morning tea, without a thought for the maidens

A group photo finished up our time here.

Happy walkers at Gorilla Rock

Another high decibel exit back out the AAWT – mush chatting as we strolled along.

Perhaps I harp a little too much, but it is so great to see the influx of younger members into CBC leading and enjoying the bush.

Thanks Robyn and all. A great little half day wander.

Track Map




17 walkers.