Red Rocks Gorge

Saturday 8 February: Geocaching around Urambi Hills and maybe the Murrumbidgee – M/M. Geocaching around Urambi Hills and maybe further. Finished by lunchtime, so just bring morning tea. Meet on Learmonth Drive Kambah, just near the intersection with Athllon Drive at 6.30am. No need to book. Around 8km. Map: Tuggeranong. Leader: John Evans –, 0417 436 877. Transport: Drive yourself. Further details at

2 of us met.

Further Information

Looking for:

GC24C74 Can you sudoku? – final. Gay worked out the puzzle
GC22KTK Oink Oink
GC1XAHH Chinese Counters
GCYVXF Upper Urambi
GC1MNHX Neighbourly Neighbours – Urambi Hills
GC1E3DR Sally’s Run
GC4MX1W Most Haunted #4: Bobby Mackey’s Music World
GC4MX0Q Most Haunted #3: Linda Vista Hospital
GC4MX04 Most Haunted #2: Poveglia Island
GC4MWYY Most Haunted #1: Waverly Hills Sanitorium
GC4MWYB Welcome to Kambah Pool
GC1ERP3 Holden FE
GC1KVVX Urambi Ureka
GC1E2KB Red Rocks
GC20GKK Dam-Nation
GC1W4NA The Bush
GC4QEDA Stop pining – cache on!
GC325V9 Bridge Banter XIVb.


Distance: 16.8km | Climb: 470m | Time: 6.15am-12.15pm (6hrs), with some long (no find) caching breaks | Grading: L/E; M(9)

Track Map


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slide show.

Google Earth

Download the Google Earth .kmz file here.

Track Notes

Got there 15mins early and went to find the final resting place of GC24C74 Can you sudoku? Quick and easy find. My geo-pencil was broken, so back to the car. My companion (who I’d bullied into joining me) had arrived, so I grabbed another pen and, with no more starters, off we went. Of course you won’t find the waypoint for the final spot for GC24C74 Can you sudoku?, as that would give the secret away.

Up the track towards TG26 and a quick find of GC22KTK Oink Oink.

Then down off the side of the hill a bit to visit the first waypoint for GC1XAHH Chinese Counters. A wonderful object and I’ll give it a favourite when I come back to find the final spot. Photographed it, took it home and Gay solved it in just a couple of minutes.

Back up to the track and to the trees just past TG26. A long search, but GCYVXF Upper Urambi not found.

NW down through the saddle and up to the next bump. Found GC1MNHX Neighbourly Neighbours – Urambi Hills and picked up the clue.

Down to the NW and around the back of the houses on Meredith Cres for a quick find of GC1E3DR Sally’s Run. Here Cynthia left me.

Got a bit lost working through the SE area of Gleneagles. Along a street then through a walkway back to the edge of the golf course. A very kind lady walking her dog got me going in the right direction. Quickly along the path down to join the Canberra Centenary Trail along the Kambah Pool Rd.

Easy finds of GC4MX1W Most Haunted #4: Bobby Mackey’s Music World, GC4MX0Q Most Haunted #3: Linda Vista Hospital, GC4MX04 Most Haunted #2: Poveglia Island and GC4MWYY Most Haunted #1: Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

Phillip’s truck and his walkers’ cars were parked just outside the Kamah Pool gate. Found GC4MWYB Welcome to Kambah Pool. Left a rude note for Phillip 😉 as he was nearly parked on top of it.

Down towards the pool I must have spent 20mins looking for GC1ERP3 Holden FE, but couldn’t uncover it. Makes one feel stupid when others have recently logged it.

A nice quick stroll along the edge of the Murrumbidgee River on the Canberra Centenary Trail, sharing it with cyclists. Again, spent a lot of time looking for GC1KVVX Urambi Ureka at the Murrumbidgee lookout – no luck.

Next, I returned to the place of my geo-birth. 2 months to the day since Kittykatch introduced me to this sport. A find of GC1E2KB Red Rocks which she found on 8 Dec 13.

Further along the CCT I left it and headed to GC20GKK Dam-Nation Rocks. The Hardenbergia is just hanging on.

On over the open flat top and down over the CCT to find stepping stones on either side of the fence to give a bit of a boost to cross it. Down to find GC1W4NA The Bush.

Wandered along a bit further, both on and off the CCT. Just stumped by GC4QEDA Stop pining – cache on! There are only 2 She-Oaks there and I couldn’t find a thing.

Walked up the true left bank of Tuggeranong Creek and had a brief look for GC325V9 Bridge Banter XIVb. No joy – I think this one will be hard, based on previous logs.

Back to my car. Gave Phillip a call to see if I could help with his car shuttle. He was home.


2 walkers – Cynthia C (for a bit), me.