Looking west to the Brindies from my turnaround point

Tuesday 7 November 2023: Tidbinbilla Skyline south – Fishing Gap to Snowy Corner (for all but me). By invitation, representatives of Canberra’s bushwalking clubs joined TNR Rangers.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 15.55km | Climb: 645vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 3:25 moving + 1:45 of stops = 5:10 | Grading: M/E; M(8).


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gpx file

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Track Map

Here’s where I went.

Track overview TNR for 75

Track detail TNR for 75 – Trails area

Trip Report

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is one of my favourite places to walk, especially up on the Tidbinbilla Range crest.

The trip started very successfully – we were whisked by vehicle up to Fishing Gap. Walking by 8.45am, a party of 7. The leading ladies and the rest of the walkers took off like startled rabbits – well, it seemed like that to me. By the time we’d traversed the bracken fern sea and began the stiff climb, I knew I couldn’t go at their pace. 5 took off, with a Ranger to keep me company.

The idea was to tape the route from Fishing Gap to Snowy Corner. The numbered waypoints on the overview map show where they are. Please do not remove them, as they’ve been hung by the Rangers for an upcoming project. I and my minder trudged, with many stops needed by me, the 2km in 1:05 to the open area below the final climb to Mt Domain.

I managed to convince our leader to let me return unaccompanied. I didn’t want to hold up the group, spoil the project and everyone’s fun. I had an inReach device with me and was able to text our leader my progress at Fishing Gap and Mountain Creek car park. I sulked for the rest of the day – sick and old sucks.

50 minutes to come down. I love the area of grevilleas.

Grevillea alley

Plenty of wildflowers road-side.

Native clematis

A blue-sky day and great views up to Billy Billy Rocks.

Billy Billy Rocks from the Fishing Gap Road

Fishing Gap Road crosses the Tidbinbilla River.

Tidbinbilla River under Fishing Gap Road

3.7km from Fishing Gap to Fishing Gap car park in 40mins.

A trudge along the road to the Hanging Rock car park. Smoko.

It’s yonks since I’ve walked the Ashbrook Creek Fire Trail. 9 years in fact. The part leading up to the big bend is the nicest, at the alignment close beside Ashbrook Creek.

Ashbrook Creek

3.1km in 40mins. Walked up the road to the Mountain Creek car park and sat down for lunch.

At 12.45pm, after telling the party up top what I was up to, I took a turn around the Cascade Trail. Note to self – because I plan on a NSW map mosaic in OziExplorer dated 2003, the old Cascade and Lyrebird Tracks are marked. At least I learned something today – the current 2.7km circuit is all called the Cascade Track/Trail.

Mountain Creek Walking Tracks signage

As those having done this walk would know, it’s a real gem. It visits this:

Cascade and tree fern

There are other beautiful areas too.

Bridge 4 Cascade Trail

At one stage a snake slithered nearby, a salutary warning to walkers in thongs or with children.

Back at the car park, I had another look for Rayner’s Sawmill site. No joy.

A sit and sulk for 30 minutes. Transport arrived and so did the fast-stepping rest of the party.

Many thanks AM and SR and bushwalking club reps.

But a far cry from birthday champagne on Mt Namadgi ☹️.


6 walkers. Plus me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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