CVA work party | photo by Tim the boss

7-8 May 2017: CVA Track Maintenance at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve – S/E. Join a Conservation Volunteers Australia work project at TNR.

Further Information

This project was advertised to continue route clearing and surveying of the Skyline Track at TNR. Unfortunately not so, due to the length of time required to walk from vehicle to work site.


Distance: 4.6+5.7km | Climb: 150+250m | Grading: S/E; E(5)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.


Waypoint and Track Files

Download the .gpx file. (Right click, Save Link As…, Save – if you want to use it.)
To use in Google Earth, do File, Open… and select Gps or All files as the File Type.

Track Notes

I’ve had the guilts for many years. I’m a ‘user’ of the bush and rarely put anything back in, in terms of conservation. Many of those I walk with have contributed much in terms of conservation work parties. So, with my interest in the Skyline track being established from Fishing Gap through to Camels Hump in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, I thought I’d sign up for a Conservation Volunteers Australia work weekend (well, 2 of the 3 days).

Day 1

I met Ken and 3 others who arrived in the CVA ‘troopy’ at TNR. Ken checked in with the Ranger and we were assigned to track drainage work on the Gibraltar Peak Track. It seems the reason for not doing more Skyline work is the amount of time required to get to the beginning of the work site.

We drove up the Gibraltar Peak management trail to the open spur below the grass trees area. Signed on, kitted up with safety vest and eye protection, safety briefing, we were given appropriate tools and walked down the hill to the track.

So began my association with a rake-hoe. Never used one before, but they are certainly handy implements. Our day consisted of making water runoffs to clear water (and hence potential erosion) from the track.

Many walkers – great to see people out on a lovely autumn day.

Lunch at the table at Eliza saddle. We worked up through the mountain bike turnaround point and some distance further.

Day 2

Tim was the boss today and, despite intense lobbying via Ken yesterday, there was no trip to the top crest of TNR. Today’s task was more drainage work on the TNR track which goes from the Eliza saddle east round Mt Eliza to the visitors centre. We joined it at the TNR boundary coming up through Birrigai. Boy, these guys can back a trailer – I should take them to the tip next time to back mine! Same initial drill as yesterday.

More of the same, except today I had a mattock and appreciated even more the versatility of the rake-hoe. We worked quickly and completed the task with time to visit Gibraltar Peak for lunch – a bonus.

What did I take away?

A salved conscience.

An appreciation of the work done by Conservation Volunteers Australia. They are the folk that also run the visitor assistance at the Sanctuary at TNR. An appreciation of the passion of the staff and volunteers. The enjoyment of working with another group of people who enjoy the bush in a different way to me and want to put something back in.

Knowledge of what’s happening on the Skyline track. I have a fair idea of the Mt Domain end, but word is that the route has been cleared up through Johns Peak and Tidbinbilla Peak towards Tidbinbilla Mountain. Must go and have a look.

Many thanks Ken and Tim and fellow workers.

Track Map



workers – 7 May: Ken (leader) + 4 of us; 8 May: Tim (leader) + 6 of us.