A pleasant morning tea stop

Sunday 6 February: Mt Ainslie nature reserve varying trails – S/M. A ramble in different areas of the Mt Ainslie region. About 3 hours starting 8.00am.


Distance: 9.9km | Climb: 274m | Time: Starting 8.00am 2hrs 33mins moving time, plus 20mins of breaks | Grading: S/E-M; E(6).


Photographs are available here.

gpx File

Download the gpx file recorded via AllTrails here (in AllTrails, activate …, Download Route, Select a file format, OK).

Track Notes

AllTrails trip report.

Andrew has been leading CBC walks in, up, down and around the Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve for several weeks. With the number of tracks and footpads, there’s a wealth of different routes. Today he chose and around rather than an up, for which I was most grateful.

It was an excellent little wander and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances. The church saved live stream video was waiting when I got back, so nothing was missed. We are so fortunate in Canberra (the ‘bush capital’) to have such easy access to the many Nature Reserves which comprise the Canberra Nature Park.

From the car park we winkled our way up to management trails which took us up the E side of the area. Then tracks across the NW.

Walking the tracks of Mt Ainslie

A pause to regroup on a northern saddle with views to the top.

Mt Ainslie

Open views to the NE.

View to the NE

Then down to the NE to overlook a small dam for a short break.

The leg down the E side was through more open going. We crossed Mt Ainslie Drive to the crack of pistols from the shooting club. Signage at a Reserve entrance showed the plethora of walking opportunities.

Mt Ainslie map

As well, there is a great resource (mentioned by Andrew in the CBC walk description) from long time friend Greg H, who has documented the various trails, tracks, footpads and routes in the area on his website here.

We completed the circumnavigation across the SW, intersecting with the main, sealed Mt Ainslie Walk.

A quick visit to the Aboriginal War Memorial, not seen by some of the party before. I always find this place one of quiet simplicity and dignity.

Aboriginal War Memorial

Back to the cars across the back of the War Memorial, a lot of construction activity obviously going on for the expansion.

Thanks Andrew and all. An enjoyable morning walk.

Track Map

The best track map is available via AllTrails, where you can pan and zoom. But here it is.

AllTrails Track Around Mt Ainslie

However, in this period that I’m getting used to AllTrails, I still prefer to see the track laid out on my old 1:25000 digital maps with 10m contours and familiar colouring.

Track Around Mt Ainslie


9 walkers.