Lovely open woodland walking

Tuesday 5 September 2023: Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve – M/M. As a warm up, this walk starts with a scenic walk along the Blue Tiles Walking Trail enjoying the sights and sounds of the Molonglo Gorge. After a short break at the Blue Tiles Picnic Area we contour around to the North West into the Nature Reserve exploring the mainly open grassy woodlands with its numerous spurs and gullies and unused/used fire trails. We will drop down one of the spurs to the South West returning to our starting point. This part of the walk involves mainly off trail walking, with at times steep sections, possibly slippery and unstable underfoot. We will avoid where possible thick scrub.


From Garmin Connect (Map66i) – Distance: 9.86km | Climb: 460vm | Time: 2:55 moving + 1:04 of stops = 3:59 | Grading: M/E-M; E(7).


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gpx file

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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Molonglo Gorge NR

Track Notes

I was last in this area on 14 Aug 22. The purpose of that trip was to just experience the Kowen Escarpment and Molonglo Gorge NRs.

Today was an extremely well-planned walk in the Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve, covering many of the spurs and gullies above the river.

Walking before 7.30am, up the high track along the gorge.

Molonglo Gorge

Some hardenbergia about. Cool in the shade.


Lots of colour with the wattle in full bloom.


We dipped down to visit the river.

Molonglo River

A quick break at Blue Tiles.

Molonglo River at Blue Tiles

The next part of the walk was a great combination of a few bits of fire trail and some lovely contouring through the open woodland of the area north of the gorge and south of Kowen Forest.

Lovely open woodland walking

Very pleasant and great company from new and old friends. Many thanks Sal and all.


6 walkers – Michael C, Allan D, Stephen M, Sal O (leader), Yanping Y, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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