Black Rock scorpion

Thursday evening 5 October 2023: Black Mountain Scorpions. This short ramble will see us wander around the lower slopes of Black Mountain, searching for two species of scorpions living in Canberra. The best part? When you shine a UV/black light on them, they glow an amazing aqua colour. There is never any guarantee we will find them, but that never stopped any dedicated treasure hunter! Note: treasure hunters are required to be gentle to protect the wellbeing of our scorpion friends, and to minimise any disruption to their environment.


From Garmin Connect (MAP66i) – Distance: 1.58km | Climb: flat | Time: 1:15 | Grading: S/E; E(4).


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gpx file

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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Black Mountain Scorpions

Trip Report

You missed a whole lot of fun if you weren’t with us near Black Mountain this evening!

Maybe you’ve watched ‘The Scorpion King’ movie, and you’d know of Canberra’s ‘Trig Queen’. Tonight Lauren morphed into the Scorpion Queen.

She knows where to find them, how to find them and all about them. She even advised us on the best size of rock to carefully turn over – and she was correct.

A fun time, with the youngsters finding the most. Old Johnny Boy found one or two, so I’ll sleep sated tonight.

UV light needed

By normal torchlight they look pretty ordinary.

Under torchlight

Add in scar trees, orchids, a roo or two and a possum, a great time was had by all! Thanks Loz!


8 walkers – Lauren O (leader).


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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