Small cascade on Middle Creek where the fence line crosses it

31 May: Nice Namadgi Places – M/R. An opportunity to visit some nice Namadgi places.


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Track Notes

4 little walks, including pretending to walk to Mt Namadgi (we walked a couple of km up the main arm of Middle Creek) and pretending to return from Mt Burbidge (we crossed Middle Creek and returned along the very lower part of the Burbidge spur). A lovely blue-sky last day of Autumn in the Australian bush.

Gudgenby Homestead

Rendezvous Creek

Middle Creek shelter signage

Middle Creek indigenous shelter

The going up Middle Creek around 1.5km upstream from the rock shelter

Lunchtime views from the true right side of Middle Creek

Middle Creek cascades

Track in to Orroral Homestead

3 walkers.