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Wednesday 3 May 2023: Combined Club’s M-H Wednesday Walk – SW of Booroomba. From the Honeysuckle Campground, we walk a short distance along the AAWT towards Booroomba, then go north off track to find rock slabs (GR797629) with a view across to Blue Gum Hill. After morning tea we will locate a nearby massive boulder/cave and then proceed roughly west to Gorilla Rock, continuing roughly south-west to hill 1241 (GR780618), with lunch somewhere along the way. We then find our way back to the AAWT and to the cars. Vigorous regrowth is likely in some areas. Gloves plus long pants and/or gaiters are recommended, plus warm clothes for the morning. Distance: about 8 km. Climb: about 500m.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 7.63km | Climb: 335m | Time: 1:45 moving + 2:22 of stops = 4:07 | Grading: S/M-R; M(9).

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Track Notes

I was at Gorilla Rock last Wednesday 26 Apr 23. I did a trip in this area on 28 Apr 09 and we covered Gorilla Rock to SH1398 (the Granite Dome of Booroomba Rocks) in 1hr 40mins! Oh how 14 years makes a difference, both in terms of the going and this ageing body.

I drove out with a mate to meet the main party at the Honeysuckle Creek Camping Ground. Alive with Canberra Grammar School students preparing for a 4 day trip, but the weather was against them and they decided to camp there and do day walks. The weather was similarly unkind to us – showers and a strong blustery wind.

We walked 2.4km on the AAWT to just near the next drainage line after the usual Gorilla Rock turn off. 

Walking the AAWT

Here we headed just E of N, perhaps a bit of a footpad to start, or else Prue’s excellent route finding (which she’s good at, in map and compass style).

Heading towards the rock slabs at 1120m

Some slow scrambling up through the close contours around 1160-1170m. By this time the showers were persistent and we had coats on. The wind was gusting with a howling voice. See top photo.

We reached the little knoll at 1220+m at 10.40am. With the weather not abating and glimpses of our next rock slabs shimmering with water, a very wise decision was made to climb no further. We huddled in the shrubs out of the wind for smoko. My hot coffee and home made biscuits were welcome.

Our good leader set her compass for Gorilla Rock and we exited down to the west.

Leaving morning tea to the west

It continued to shower, as the rainbow attests.

Heading west at 1180m towards Gorilla Rock

A little down then a little up and we were at the familiar ape.

Gorilla Rock

We huddled on the lee side in the showers for lunch.

The leg back to join the AAWT was uneventful, picking up bits and pieces of footpad.

We trotted back to the camping ground, to find it abuzz. Perhaps parents having come out to set up tents for the students.

Nice to be in the bush, even on a damp day, walking mostly tibmin. Many thanks Prue. Hope you put this trip on again in better weather.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track SW of Booroomba

Track SW of Booroomba

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


11 walkers, Prue D (leader).

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