Guess why they call Mulligans Flat Mulligans Flat – it’s flat

Tuesday 3 February Cbr100Challenge Training: 100km route, War Memorial to Hall – L/E. Walk a bit of the 100km route from the start towards Hall. Around 45km. Maps: Canberra and Hall. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: Drive yourself but let me know if you need a lift and I’ll try to assist.

2 of us parked in Treloar Cr, behind the War Memorial.


Distance: 46.0km | Climb: 1215m | Time: 6.25am-4.25pm (10hrs), with 35 mins of breaks | Grading: L/E; H(12+)

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9



Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

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Track Notes

We started from the back of the War Memorial, rather than Westside@ActonPark, for the free parking. Away at 6.25am and up Mt Ainslie with the morning runners and dog walkers. Boot camp at the lookout. Down off Mt Ainslie on the CCT and down to the power lines. Got through waypoint ‘014 Turn right (NE) onto minor track going up spur’ correctly this time. Generally NE and past the reservoirs and straight ahead to waypoint ‘015 Turn left (NW)’ correctly this time.

Here the following of the Cbr100Challenge official 100km route went badly haywire:

Red track – official Cbr100Challenge 100km | Blue track – our track today

In an attempt to follow the red track NW from waypoint 015, we first went down the management trail to the SW, but soon discovered we were not heading NW, so we turned about. Back at waypoint 015 we tried N for a little way, but turned about. Then we tried up in the bush, but found ourselves N of the red track, so turned about. In disgust, we again went SW on the management trail, turned N into the bush across the dam wall, then NE in an attempt to find something useful when we intersected the red track. No joy – we were still off-track in the bush. We eventually arrived through the bush at waypoint 016 at an elbow in the CCT. Not wanting to be beaten, we headed back down the CCT, following the red track through the elbow. Continuing down the switch-back, where the red track left the CCT alignment, there was absolutely no footpad. We continued down the CCT another 50m, then went back up through the bush to waypoint 016. This little segment is a figment of someone’s imagination!

Back on the straight and narrow, we followed the CCT up through the Majura sheep camp site intersection, up to Mt Majura, then back down to the intersection. Here we turned down to the N and followed the usual Mt Majura track down to the steps at waypoint 020.

Turning north, we followed the CCT to waypoint 023, near the underpass under the Federal Highway. I’d not previously been on the section of the CCT from here to the major intersection of the Federal Highway and Majura Parkway-Horse Park Drive.

This was the second part of the official 100km route to cause us trouble:

Red track – official Cbr100Challenge 100km | Blue track – our track today

I reckon from the straight line bits on the red track, this hasn’t been walked (apologies if I’m wrong). Our blue track shows that we walked across Majura Parkway, under the Federal Highway and up to cross the Horse Park Dr flyoff to the Federal Highway going north. Here we struck a fence so doubled back to the east. We came to a Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve sign (still on the other side of the fence) so tried our fence-hopping techniques. A wander across the grasslands, north of the official track, to near waypoint 026. Gotta get something better here before 21 March! (Maybe walk the edge of Majura Parkway under the Federal Highway, stay on the edge of Horse Park Dr down to waypoint 026, but we didn’t check it out today.)

Again back on the straight and narrow. Easy (and a bit boring) going north to the border, into Mulligans Flat NR and into the fenced area through the Bustard Gate. Again, a bit boring through this area. All hours toilets at the back of the Mulligans Flat shearing shed. I must say that already Chris had won the bladder battle – I’d had to stop somewhere previously. Out to the Forde entrance to the NR.

Here we turned NE up along the broad concrete path on the old Gundaroo Rd alignment. Where it joins Mulligans Flat Rd I took a photo of the nearby blaze and it’s in the photos with a pic taken 2 and a half years ago. Quite some deterioration and it now has an active bee hive in it.

Chris listened to the 12noon news and it was 20°C at Dickson. Nice with scattered cloud cover and zephyr breezes at times. But it did warm up a couple of hours later and the exposed, shadeless parts of the CCT to One Tree Hill were hot.

As soon as we reached the crest and a bit of shade, we stopped for lunch. It was 12.50pm and we’d done 30km.

After lunch we rounded Oak Hill and walked down to the Northern campsite. There is a toilet there.

As we walked towards One Tree Hill, Chris tried to kid me that we were elite athletes who should only drink water, but I was already hatching a plan that a beer at the Wood Duck Inn in Hall would be an excellent way to finish. At last up to One Tree Hill, a short break, then back down.

Turning towards Hall we knew we were nearing the end. At 4pm I rang the Captain of Transport, as we were around 30mins from Hall. She said she could leave work immediately to pick us up, but I insisted that a 15min buffer should be built in for that drink. Down to the reservoirs, a few blocks of the back streets of Hall and into the Inn for a schooner and a midi of cold ale.

Transport arrived as the last sips were downed, then an air conditioned ride back to our cars. Thanks heaps CC.

So glad that Chris didn’t turn round at 25km (which was her original plan) and walked the full day with me. She kept me honest.

Thoughts for 21-22 March

With the 4.3km from Westside@Acton Park to the bottom of the Mt Ainslie track which we didn’t do today added in, I reckon on the 50km from start to Hall in 11 elapsed hours. I can’t walk much faster. And it would be slower if the day is above 26degC. Hall being a TA, maybe that’s the place for tea (unless we want a Maccas in Belconnen!).


2 walkers – Chris F, me.

Next Tuesday Walk

Tuesday 10 February: Rendezvous Crags – M/R. A circuit taking in Rendezvous Crags and Orca Rock, on the spur at ~776E 477N GDA94, exact route to be decided according to the weather. At least 10 km & 400m ascent & descent, mostly off track, some thick scrub, good granite, and at least one good viewpoint. Maps: Rendezvous Creek and possibly Corin Dam. Leader: Linda G. Transport: tba. Limit: 8. Late bookings considered.