Big Monks above the SE corner of Banks

Friday 29 July 2022: Big Monks, ‘Little Monks’ and the Black and White Mine – different route ! – S/E,XA different way to get to Big Monks.


From Garmin Connect – Distance: 2.37km | Climb: 256m | Time: 53mins moving + 20mins of stops | Grading: S/E,X; E(5).


Photographs are available here.

gpx File

The gpx file is available here.

Track Notes

This trip report will not be of much interest to anyone but me. When I’m older and greyer and in my rocking chair, I’ll relive it vicariously and realise how stuffed I was walking up hills. Spent one third of the time dead stopped, gasping for air.

Whenever my dear wife has company, I duck out for a walk on nearby hills. So I’m becoming very familiar with the area above Banks, SE of my old folks home.

Decided to take a new route to Big Monks, up from the SE corner of Banks. One can see the objective from the start. All open going with human and animal pads.

Puffing up towards Big Monks

I eventually reached the top and paused briefly at Big Monks.

We were talking about ‘Little Monks’ two days ago, on the way back from Lanyon Falls. No wind sock or paragliding from here (maybe we were thinking of Pig Hill).

‘Little Monks’ – no wind sock and paragliding here

Down the west spur to the Black and White Mine.

The Black and White Mine

Then followed the footpad heading down the spur.

Footpad down the W spur of Big Monks

Around the 800m contour a little adjustment from the footpad to the NW, the going flattening out around 700m. Across a creek line and back to the car.

A bit cool in the breeze.

Track Map

Here’s where I went.

Track Big Monks, ‘Little Monks’ and the Black and White Mine – different route


Just moi.