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Wednesday 28 January: Cbr100Challenge Training – Walk from Duffy to meeting in Higgins – L/E. Gotta spend time on my feet.

I just walked out the front door.


Distance: 21.4km | Climb: 410m | Time: 4.00-7.45pm (3hrs 45mins) | Grading: L/E; M(9)

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Track Notes

With the fear of Sean and Richard driving me and no walking on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to wander over to Higgins for the CBC committee meeting as part of my Cbr100Challenge preparation. Tried to estimate the time required, but arrived a little too early.

Left home and joined the bike path near the intersection of Streeton Dr and Cotter Rd. Followed it to the back of the Australian Defence College and nipped back and down (with a little false start) to cross the little bridge over Weston Creek and the big bridge over the Molonglo River. Then through the pine forest on management roads – the blackberries were very good! – to enter the Arboretum at the south-western end of River Rd.

A pleasant walk through the green Arboretum, despite the roar of traffic on the Tuggeranong Parkway. Joined Forest Dr, skirted up from the entrance gates and NE along the flanks of the Himalayan Cedars to enter the Cork Oak Plantation. Always a serene area.

I was averaging over 6kph, so began to cast around for side trips as I walked under William Hovell Dr and turned left onto the main bike path to Belconnen. In the thick of commuter cyclists now. Up beside, then under, Bindubi St and to the top of the Cook horse paddocks.

Mt Painter beckoned, so after reaching the junction by the reservoirs, I took a side trip to the top to fill in a little time. Huge views.

Back down and continued NW-ish along the tracks to Coulter Dr. Up along the side of it to the Coulter Dr, Redfern St-Sprinvale Dr roundabout. Turned left across the top of The Pinnacle Nature Reserve, along the Bicentennial National Trail alignment. Followed it across the back of the houses in SW Hawker and so to go under William Hovell Dr.

It was now 7pm after 17.5km and I was within a stone’s throw of my destination. So a side trip into the Weetangera Methodist cemetery seemed like a good idea, as well as a muesli bar and a sip of water. A lovely area, very well maintained. Rang home.

I slowed the pace and wandered down the William Hovell Dr into Kingsford Smith Dr and so into Higgins. Now within spitting distance of my destination at 7.25pm, I did a few laps of the street to fill in a bit of time.

A kind person drove me home after the meeting.


1 walker – me.