Mavis Ridge and Mt Herlt from near knoll 1

Saturday 28 April: The Ridge between Nursery Swamp and Rendezvous Creek – M/R. A walk along the rocky ridge above Nursery Swamp and Rendezvous Creek. Leaders: Jenny and Rob H.

Further Information

A walk instead of the advertised Billy Billy Rocks crossover, due to the possibility of controlled burns. I’d last been on this ridge on 3 Oct 09 and 2 Apr 05. The scrub has certainly grown with gusto since then!


Distance: 15.5km | Climb: 550m | Time: 8.40am – 5.20pm (8hrs 40mins), including 60 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R; H(12-)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Yet another blue-sky Autumn day, perfect for walking. 2km from the Nursery Swamp car park in the Orroral Valley to the high point in the Nursery Swamp Walking Track in 35mins.

Here I learned a new route to the shrubby start of the footpad to Rendezvous Creek – not via Rob’s take off point over the bridge and not by my pig trap route. Jenny took us a bit to the south of the pig trap, even passing two blue paint daubs that I’d never seem before. Anyway, whatever route you take, you and up at the start of the footpad.

1.6km in 40mins across to the saddle above Rendezvous Creek where, after a water stop, we headed up to the SSE towards SH1373 (knoll 1). A scrubby climb, the 650m across the ground and 160m climb to morning tea taking 40mins. After our break we continued the short distance to SH1373, but the granite slabs and fine views across Rendezvous Creek from previous times here were not as good as used to be.

Unpleasant scrub and regrowth with few views as we walked SE along the ridge to lunch near SH1351 (knoll 2). 1.6km in 1hr 55mins, so slow going.

The leg after lunch to SH1337 (knoll 3) was 1.1km in 1hr 15mins. At one stage the 5 gentlemen found themselves all behind the 6 ladies – has, of course, gentlemen would do. Jenny out front was bloodied.

But at knoll 3 the descent continuing to the SE cleared and Rob took the lead. At around the saddle before the climb to Nursery Hill we turned to the NE and, as the going got easier, I had a go at the front.

Arvo tea above the creek in open woodland. Cutting the corner, we came out onto the swamp grasslands and soon to the seat at the end of the Nursery Swamp Walking Track.

4.4km in 1hr 10mins back to the car.

Lousy scrub. Great company. Thanks Jenny and Rob and all.

Track Map




13 walkers – ?, ?, Brigitte, Cynthia Bu, Richard H, Ming L, Linda G, Jenny and Rob H (leaders), Chris R, Llewellyn S, Jenny S, me.