A bluff on the other side of Naas Creek

Sunday 25 June 2023: Mt Clear car park to Horse Gully Hut via Naas Creek – L/M,ptW. We start our walk at the Mt Clear Car Park walking the approx 8 Km to Horse Gully Hut. Enroute we will take a detour and go off track to the confluence of the Naas Creek and Shanahans Falls Creek, we’ll spend some time to take in this beautiful spot before continuing on to our lunch spot. Return will be direct along the fire trail back to the cars. The bush is fairly thick in place so I anticipate it should take us between 6-7 hrs to complete.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 20.20km | Climb: 600vm | Time: 4:40 moving + 2:37 of stops = 7:17 | Grading: L/R,ptW; H(12).

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Track Notes

I was last in the Naas Creek on 23 Nov 05 and at Horse Gully Hut on 13 Oct 18.

Great meeting place, opposite my old folk’s home. With no suitable vehicle, I walked across to the meeting place and was whisked safely and in comfort to the Mt Clear car park. A bit of snow on the Boboyan Road, which was in pretty good condition.

We were walking by 8.05am, so around 50mins to drive from Lanyon.

We dispatched the 7.5km along the Naas Valley Fire Trail in 1hr 50mins. This included 3 fords of Naas Creek. The third could be walked around and crossed with dry feet, but the first two needed a shallow wade.

Crossing Ford 1 of Naas Creek

Many different crossing styles, but the prize goes to Cole, a guest walking with us for the first time. He had a pair of gum boots! Hats off to him for an excellent idea. Others changed into a variety of other footwear; I chose to remain booted and walk through.

Crossing Ford 2 of Naas Creek

The third ford could be skirted.

Walking around Ford 3 of Naas Creek

Even though it was a blue-sky day, it was cold. My scrub gloves didn’t come off all day, not because of scrub but because of the cold. When the wind increased in the afternoon and shadows lengthened, it was freezing, perhaps below zero with the wind chill.

At the appointed place we left the fire trail and our leader had an excellent light scrub route of 900m in 22mins down to meet the Naas Creek.

The going after leaving Naas Valley FT heading toward Naas Creek

Meeting Naas Creek

So began a 1km scramble down the creek, taking 1:40 (including 15min of morning tea).

Walking down Naas Creek

Absolutely delightful.

Walking down Naas Creek

On occasions we were forced up from the side of the creek.

High above the true right side of Naas Creek to get around a bluff

We crossed at one point.

Crossing Naas Creek to the true left side

Elevenses was called at around 20 past.

Morning tea 9 on this side, 2 on that side

We crossed back, climbed up away from the creek again, then came gently down to the confluence of Shanahans Falls Creek and Naas Creek.

Confluence of Shanahans Falls and Naas Creeks

Our next leg took us generally East up, across and down the southern flank of SH1074. 1.2km in 35mins.

Walking down the gully at 1000m contour towards Naas Valley FT

We strolled down to Horse Gully Hut for lunch. Some old fellow got a chair out.

Lunch at Horse Gully Hut | photo Robert W

The return along the Fire Trail was 8.6km in 2 hours.

A couple of us called in at John Brayshaw’s 2 Huts site.

John Brayshaw’s 2 Huts site

This was an excellent walk, so well put together by Richard. Great party – new and old friends.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Horse Gully Hut via Naas Creek

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


11 walkers – Cole, Andrea C, Quentin M, Richard M (leader), Lena O, Sandra T, Ana V, Robert W, Leanne W, Michael Z, me.

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