A seat overlooking the Tidbinbilla valley

Wednesday 24 May 2023: Eastern Rim of TNR recce ! – L/M-R. A spur of the moment decision to do a little recce.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 14.45km | Climb: 695vm (Elevation Correction enabled) | Time: 3:53 moving + 2:03 of stops = 5:56 | Grading: L/M-R; M(11).

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Track Notes

I was last on the locally named ‘The Pyramid’ on 8 Jul 17 and from Gibraltar Peak through to Stantons Gap on 1 May 07.

I wanted to do a recce today. My usual mates were not available, so I advertised for a partner or two via a couple of Facebook walking groups. Thank goodness! First, I was reminded that my intended recce to McKeahnie Trig was not on because of NNP Western area closure for aerial control of deer. Second, my great friend Ming happened to see the post and responded that she’d come. My dear wife was pleased that I’d not be walking alone.

We motored at a reasonably early hour out to TNR. It was blanket fog as we left my old folks’ home in Gordon, but after crossing Paddys River we could see the western sky lighting up in the sun. For most of the morning, the Tidbinbilla valley was shrouded in cloud/fog, but the high rims in brilliant sunshine. Great Autumn weather atm.

With one car, we had to walk the Tidbinbilla Ring Road either at the start or at the end. We chose to begin on it. Knocked off the 2km from Dalsetta car park to the bottom of the Devils Gap Fire Trail in 25 minutes.

Next was a 1.9km walk up the Devils Gap Fire Trail, which we dispatched in 30 minutes.

We turned SSW on a new (to me) Devils Gap 1.4km Loop track. Only useful for a hundred metres or so, before it turned away to the SE. We struck off into the bush, open to begin.

Reasonably open going on the lower slope of The Pyramid

Similar, but a bit closer by the time we’d climbed to 1100m.

The going at 1100m contour

Glimpses down to the covered Tidbinbilla valley and up to the blue sky ridges.

Cloud still in the Tidbinbilla valley

A tight band of Bursaria followed, which slowed our climb dramatically.

We eventually reached the scrubby top at SH1172 (‘The Pyramid’) and continued west to the lookout tors. The leg from Devils Gap to the tors was 815m in 50 minutes, so much puffing and several stops from me. A climb of 170vm. Dramatic views.

Views over TNR to the Tidbinbilla skyline

I was interested in the view further SW along the rim towards Billy Billy Rocks. Vaguely toying with the idea of doing that next.

SE rim of TNR towards Billy Billy Rocks and beyond

Chose a route slightly to the SE of our climb for the descent. Less Bursaria, but more rocky going and Cassinia. As I often do, I waypointed a couple of cairns and photographed one.

Cairn 2

40 minutes for the descent.

We next did the Devils Gap Loop.

Devils Gap Loop walk signage

A pleasant little loop, bringing us out on the Devils Gap Fire Trail that heads down towards Corin Road and Woods Reserve.

On the Devils Gap Loop walk

We returned up to Devils Gap and had morning tea.

Our next leg was to follow the rim to the NE, up through SH1097.

Pleasant walking between Devils Gap and SH1097 at 1070m

A lot more open, easier walking. It was a bit scrubby around the Spot Height.

A bit scrubby around SH1097, but not for long

Another easier leg from SH1097 to pop out on the Gibraltar Trail.

From Devils Gap to here was 2km in 1 hour. Didn’t notice the very near by map-marked fire trail on the map segment below.

All over bar the shouting from here on, just fire trail and well-made walking track. But a visit to Gibraltar Peak is always a great time.

We first popped up to the top tors for views to the SE.

View over Corin Road from Gibraltar Peak

Then down to the open rocks for lunch with a view.

Lunch views from Gibraltar Peak towards the Tidbinbilla skyline

Two other parties of two each up there.

I certainly enjoy downhill rather than uphill, so the return down the Gibraltar Peak Walking Track was to my liking. Sometime during the day we found (but couldn’t sign) the multicache GC3J43Q Basil’s Gibraltar Peak Meander. The log was a bit damp.

Geocache GC3J43Q Basil’s Gibraltar Peak Meander too damp to sign

Typical geocacher.

Typical geocacher’s pose – head down, bum up | photo Ming L

Passed a single walker and a couple on the way back down to the car. 4.3km in 1 hour 10 minutes down from Gibraltar Peak to Dalsetta car park.

A nice little trip. Thanks so much for your company and conversation Ming.

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Track Maps

Here’s where we went.

Track Eastern Rim of TNR recce

Track Eastern Rim of TNR recce on aerial imagery

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


2 walkers – Ming L, me.

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