Crossing Naas Creek ford on the Old Boboyan Rd | photo Mike B

Saturday-Sunday 23-24 September: Mountain Bike riding in the Southern Namadgi – M/E,R. Start from the Old Boboyan Road (South) car park and ride in to drop overnight gear at Lutons Crutching Shed. Complete the legs of geocache GC1DZYD A-Z Namadgi Tours. Camp overnight with the Navigation Refresher party. On Sunday, join them for the annual assault on Sentry Box. Around 30km ride and 9km, 550m climb. Map: Yaouk. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: Drive yourself and bring your bike.

Further Information

Two of us, including me, wimped out on ascending Sentry Box and instead had a little ride north along the Old Boboyan Road.


Distance: 42.5km | Climb: 890m (from GE, seems a bit much) | Time: 1 and ¼ days | Grading: M/M; say, M(11) – not sure how to grade a ride, but my butt is sore!


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

This has become a bit of an annual tradition, to join the CBC Navigation Refresher weekend. We have a ride on Saturday, camp with them at Lutons Crutching Shed, and wander up Sentry Box on Sunday. With more riding to do Sunday morning, two of us wimped out on the ascent of the hill and rode a bit further north. So home early to earn brownie points … to be used next weekend.

Strange weather. It topped 29ºC in Canberra, the hottest September maximum on record.When we met Rob and party on Saturday afternoon, he said his thermometer was in the low 30s. In addition, the strong winds caused we riders to drop down a gear or two to make headway.

My butt is not made for bike riding. Mike reckons I need a softer seat. I’ll investigate that.

Anyway, 55km from my old folks home to the Old Boboyan Road (South)/Naas car park. We each took a vehicle. Got away a little after 8am and were riding by 9.15am. Different arrangements – panniers, baskets, my overnight bag on my back. I think I might investigate racks and panniers. Pulled into Lutons, set up tents and had morning tea.

Left around 10.50am and had a good ride (walking and pushing a couple of ups) along the Grassy Creek Fire Trail to Waterhole Hut for lunch. Met 2 walkers as we approached, and 3 arrived as we were leaving. Then back to Lutons via Waterhole and Bulls Creek Fire Trails.

The Navigation Refresher crew pulled in around 4.30pm, Rob and Jenny running it for the 15th consecutive year. Stephen was along for the ride (well, walk). And hats off to Emily, Hilly, Ian, Megan and Ming. All winners!

The high winds continued during tea and some of the party retired to the lee of the crutching shed to get out of the wind to cook. Reunited, we played a few rounds of a great game – great idea Em!

A mild night, high winds, a couple of showers, one roll of thunder and flash of lightening, and a couple of dog howls.

Up at 6am and the others left just after 7am. Q joined them. Mike and I packed up, rode our gear and dropped it near the Naas Creek ford. We then rode a bit further north, returned and rode out. A stop at the Boboyan Homestead – great photos as always, Mike.

Thanks guys. Last time I’ll have to do this!

Found and logged GC6C3A8 Lily’s treasure on the drive home.

Track Maps

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3 riders – Mike B, Quentin M, me.