Overhang Corner (from ACT Granite) – under the South Buttress

Monday 22 August: Booroomba geocaching – L/R,ptX. A Tuesday walk on Monday. From the Booroomba Rocks car park, we’ll warm up by heading 5km round-trip along the AAWT for geocache GC64309 Six Stars. Then 4km round-trip up Deadmans Hill for geocache GC11Q3B COLLIMATE (A.C.T. Investigate. Then up the Booroomba Rocks Walking Track to the edge of the cliff and (if my courage holds) down to the base of the South Buttress for geocache GC131CQ Jamming the Line. There is another geocache, GC131CC Vertical Bushwalking, which requires a descent of the middle rocks to under the North Buttress. Around 15km and 700m climb. Maps: Corin Dam and Williamsdale. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 john@johnevans.id.au . Transport: ∼$10 per person. Book by Sunday evening.

3 of us met.


Distance: 12.6km | Climb: 710m | Time: 8.00am – 1.10pm (5hrs 10mins), including 12 mins of breaks and 35mins of geocache finding | Grading: M/R,ptX; H(12)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.


Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Walking by 8am from the Booroomba Rocks car park. We warmed up via a wander down the AAWT towards Bushfold Flats, stopping at the seat by Booroomba Creek. Roger had previously not found a cache here, but he redeemed himself today with a log of GC64309 Six Stars. I was happy to ride on his coat tails. Back to the car park. 4.5km in 1hr 5mins.

Next we headed up Deadmans Hill. With me leading it took a while to get onto the old vehicle track alignment. It deteriorates into a footpad in places, but some nice grevillea in flower in places. Up at the top we spied the 4 concrete piers which once anchored the collimation tower. Geocache GC11Q3B COLLIMATE (A.C.T. Investigate) was duly logged. We had a look down and across Apollo Rd – but the stup old codger I am I forgot to record the letters. Will have to go back again! Roger led us back, perfectly to the end of the old vehicle track which I now know comes out on the Booroomba Rocks road at the last corner before the car park. 3.5km in 1hr 20mins.

12mins for morning tea.

The next task was to get to the bottom of the Booroomba Rocks South Buttress. So up the walking track (the sign says 30 minutes – we only just made it in that time) to the usual edge of the cliff. A party of 1 and another party of 2 there.

Backing off a bit, we made found an easy footpad to a cairn on the edge of the slabs. The route then goes up to SH1372 and SH1396, but today I was heading for a cairn we saw when we were last here. From the cairn we went down the nearby gully. A gentle route and we finally picked up a footpad which took us to the interim waypoint J3131CQ Start at bottom of South Buttress associated with the cache we were heading for. The footpad then turned round the corner of the Southern Buttress and took us along the base of the cliffs.

Absolutely delightful! And great views up the cliffs, with occasional sightings of Blue Gum Hill across through the trees. Check out the video and pics! We spent about 25 minutes within 15m of the cache, trying climb after climb to get to it. But 3m was not close enough, so a DNF of GC131CQ Jamming the Line. I was able to look up the the spot I got to on 7 Jun 14.

Returned along the base of the cliff and up the gully. Another better exit with Roger leading – the footpad goes right to the open area at the back of the cliff (so no need to go in via the cairn).

We wandered up to GC4FPFT View to a View on the way back, and called in for Roger to also log GC4NT99 Real Rock.

I’ll have to go back for the things missed, but a great spot under Booroomba’s southern butt.

Thanks for your company, Roger and Eric.

Track Map



Google Earth snip


3 walkers – Roger E, Eric G, me.