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I have chosen not to use a fundraising portal. Although easy for you to use, some take 6.5% of your donation. I guarantee that every cent you donate will go to Beryl Women Inc.

1. Donate via EFT to my account BSB 082-924, Account Number 416001154, Account Name JR and GM Evans, National Australia Bank Please include Cbr100 in your transaction identification

2. Donate via Paypal here to me at or 0417436877

3. Give me cash (orange or green notes preferred!)


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Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.

For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Luke 6:38

“This money will be used to support women who are moving on from the refuge into their own homes.”

$200.00 | Janet E | Thanks so much Janet. Great encouragement to have the first donation!
$100.00 | Phillip S – “Hi Grumps, A little help for the cause. Cheers, Phillip” | Great mate! PayPal works too. And I’ll see you 4am on 22 March!!
$100.00 | Matt-o, Caity-coo and Fin B | “Hi Dabby,  We are so happy to sponsor you! $1 per km seems so little for how much effort you have put in. What a great cause.” | Thanks so much kids
$200.00 | Melissa B and Rex C | That is so very generous of you. My feet will fly as I train
$1,000.00 | Sean S | Maaiiittt! Are you sure you didn’t hold down the zero key too long? A HUGE shout out for your generosity and support
$55.00 | Michele and David B | Wonderful. Thank you so much!
$50.00 | Shirley McC | All the way from NZ. Thanks Shirley. Walk hard, walk long
$100.00 | Jonathan M | Very kind, thanks Jonathan. How about joining us on a training walk?
$100.00 | Dylan, Alicia and Adelaide E | Thanks so much Cobbs and co. Good old Oz dollars all the way from San Diego
$100.00 Karen C (feral kaza) | Hi John A great cause for a great man. | Well, what can I say but thank you so much to a great lady, wonderful friend, as well as feral
$50.00 | Rob and Jen H | Thank you for your donation and encouragement. Don’t forget that you’re the living legends who started me on this walking kick!
$100.00 | Gerald D | Thanks very much Gerald. Tell you what, you walk for me and I’ll return it 3-fold 😉
$200.00 | Sue and Mike B | Dear sister Sue and BIL Mike, thank you so much for your generosity to Beryl and encouragement to me
$300.00 | Anonymous via SOMB | Hi a-non-i-mouse – wonderful, thank you. Please email me so a receipt can be sent to you
$50.00 | Malcolm and Shan S | Thank you so much good friends. Pity the course was not on the CCT in Kambah so we could drop in for morning tea! God bless
$100.00 | Tara C | All the best on the day – I know you will smash it. | Let’s hope that that is prophetic! Thanks heaps to Canberra’s and my favourite Belco flaming redhead
$50.00 | Vic and Aileen G | I’m pleased it is you walking | Happy to swap! Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$50.00 | Bill and Joan H | Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$100.00 | Stewart and Moya H | M – I have shoes which do up with one hand, so don’t have to battle to remember your lacing technique. Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$50.00 | Greg and Cecelia J | Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$40.00 | Phil and Sally P | Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$50.00 | Bryan and Eve W | Thank you so much, another fun lunch today
$50.00 | Bob and Dawn J | Thanks friends, much appreciated. God bless
$66.00 | Mike B | Thanks Mike. At last, someone with the same twisted sense of humour!
$50.00 | Jim and Robyn S | Many thanks. I wonder if it will be like a Bruce Hall ANU’s Inward Bound?
$50.00 | Wayne P | Thank you mate. Wanna do the job for me?
$50.00 | Peter C and Linda G | Many thanks for your support for Beryl Women’s Shelter and for encouraging me
$25.00 | Tarja T | Thank you Tarja, that is very kind of you. God bless
$230.00 | Eternity church family offering | Thanks folks and God bless
$30.00 | Mark B | Thanks Mark. Much appreciated
$100.00 | Peter H | Thanks Pete for the support and encouragement
$50.00 | Janet E | More! Thanks Janet. Have a huge time in the next few months
$250.00 | Johnathan and Suzy B | Hi John Good luck with the walk (or are you running!) | You are kidding, my triathlon nephew. I’ll be crawling to the finish. Thank you to you both for your donation and encouragement
$50.00 | John and Sally S | Thanks heaps friends. Cheers and God bless
$100.00 | Donella J | Wow! Thanks for your support for Beryl and faith in an unknown 😀 . God bless you
$100.00 | Ruth McL | Keep up the good work – a sadly necessary cause  | Many thanks Ruth
$66.00 | Anonymous | Another twisted person. Thanks so much whoever you are
$25.00 | Mike and Steph W | A little something for your walk | Thanks dear friends. God bless
$40.00 | Chris F | Thank you Chris. You are the absolute best training buddy!
$25.00 | Ursula S | Thank you for your support for Beryl and for your encouragement. God bless
$50.00 | Sean D (one of my walking buddies) | Sorry mate, you can’t buy me off that cheaply 😆 . Thanks so much for your donation, especially when you’re fundraising too. Looking forward to it!
$55.00 | Garry and Lyn D | You are very kind. Thank you. Cheers and God bless
$100.00 | Ben H | Great to meet you at church Ben – and to receive your support. Thank you and God bless
$100.00 | Helen J | Thank you so much Helen. God bless
$50.00 | Matt H and Steph H | Good luck! | Thank you very much good friends. Great encouragement
$50.00 | Michael S | Hey John — here’s $50 for the walk | Hi Michael, thank you very much, most generous of you
$50.00 | Roger E | Tar mate. I’ll name a geocache after you!
$50.00 | Cynthia B | Thank you Cynthia, and thanks for the company on training walks!
$50.00 | Jo P | Jo, I’d be happy for you to walk many miles in my shoes, not just a mile! Thank you so much or your support and encouragement
$500.00 | Jude K | Good luck for the walk and I hope you raise lots of money, have fun and don’t have sore feet! | Big time thanks Jude. Thanks, trying, hope to and have already. God bless

What an awesome morning at Eternity church. Great p&w, great preaching and ministry, great cakes and walking. Great people. Thank you so much to all who contributed in so many ways, and to those who donated. God bless
$50.00 | Alice F |
$90.00 | John and Helen L |
$50.00 | Bronwyn H |
$20.00 | Steve and Cathryn VdM |
$100.00 | Daniel R |
$100.00 | Jeff and Chris B |
$40.00 | Matt B and Kristy |
$20.00 | Bernie and Celeste C |
$100.00 | Jason and Jane T |
$50.00 | Neralie L |
$255.00 | Phillip and Shannon D |
$20.00 | Peter and Kerrie B |
$50.00 | Tom and Beth C |
$20.00 | Rhiannon M |
$20.00 | Michael H |
$20.00 | David H |
$7.00 | Unattributed walk entries|
$662.50 | Eternity church cakes |
$100.00 | Naa O |
$15.00 | Kathleen P |
$50.00 | Celina S |
$20.00 | David S |

$10.00 | Margaret B | Thank you for your donation and faith in me as an unknown
$15.00 | Pamela C | Thank you for your donation and faith in me as an unknown
$40.00 | Ross A and Ailsa B | Go for it! We’re all thinking about you | Many thanks Ross and Ailsa!
$100.00 | Sally D | Thank you so much for your encouragement Sally. God bless
$50.00 | David and Meredith H | Many thanks for your support for Beryl Women’s Shelter and your encouragement. Cheers!
$66.00 | Noel M | Yet another twisted person matching my age. Thanks heaps Noel!
$30.00 | J and L G | Thank you for your donation and faith in me as an unknown
$50.00 | Alison N, Karen S and Lyndall M-B | The fabulous team of FARCM ladies doing the walk. Thanks heaps girls!
$10.00 | Zoe N | Thank you very much Zoe. Much appreciated
$66.00 | Cynthia C | The 4th twisted friend and capitan de transporto. Huge thanks CC
$100.00 | Stephen G | All the best for the walk this weekend John | Many thanks Stephen. Perhaps an appropriate place to meet would be the northern border 😉
$200.00 | Gabrielle E | Thanks Darl!
$500.00 | Craig and Nat T | Wonderful folks! Great encouragement to hear of this during the walk. God bless
$20.00 | Mark P | Many thanks Mark
$40.00 | David D | Thank you very much David
$100.00 |Max and Chris S | Thanks so much Max and Chris. Made every step worthwhile. Looking forward to Frenchmans Cap!

Now here’s some ‘donations’ that won’t get to Beryl:
Phillip S | offer to provide support for the walk
Cynthia C | transport for distant training walks and on the day. Thanks heaps CC
Roger E | offer to provide support for the walk
Pam B | a foot massage once a week leading up to the walk, and at tea at Hall during the walk. I’ve had my first and I’m walking on air! Thanks so much Pam and God bless
Eternity church folk | cheering/jeering/maybe a little walking company on the course. Thanks guys and gals!

I’ll tweet during the walk to let you know how we’re going: My tweets also go through to my Facebook page

Support Us

There are a number of points where you can drive to join the course and give us a wave, a cheer/jeer or walk with us for a while (walking will be at your own risk – we have to wear hi-vis vests, use head torches at night, we know the route in detail; we’ll walk quickly in the day and slooowly during the night):

See the maps here.

1 Start – Canberra Business Event Centre at Regatta Point – 6.20am. It will be dark and over 1000 people there. But I’ll have orange shorts on 🙄

2 Mt Ainslie Lookout | 5.9km | around 7.30am.

3 Antill St Watson at the north-east corner of the houses in Hackett | 13km | around 8.45am-9.00am-9.15am.

4 Amy Ackman St Forde (the entrance to the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve) | 26.8km | around 11.15am-11.45am-12.15pm.

5 Hall School Museum, Victoria St | 45.3km | around 4.30pm-5.00pm-5.30pm. We’ll have a foot massage and pizza for tea!

(6 Bruce Ridge on the main bike path – a bit hard to get to this one | 59.8km | around 8.30pm-9.00pm-9.30pm.

7 Black Mountain summit | 65.3km | around 11.00pm-11.30pm-12midnight.

8 Picnic area off Lady Denman Dr, opposite National Zoo and Aquarium, near Scrivener Dam | 77.3km | around 3.00am-3.30am-4.00am.

9 Red Hill 300m short of the restaurant on the right side of Red Hill Dr | 90.7km | around 8.00am-8.30am-9.00am.

10 Finish – Canberra Business Event Centre at Regatta Point | 102.3km | around 11.30am-12noon-12.30pm.

11. How about 50 people walk 2km with me (and pay $5 for the fun)? That should equal 100km! A little fundraiser stroll after church on Sunday 15 March. At around 12noon, walk from Eternity Church (cnr Drakeford and Sulwood Drs) to the Kambah Firestorm Story Tree and return. About 2km total.

10. The official routes are at: Cbr100Challenge have published the official gpx file here.

9. So I matched the 100km walk training with advertised CBC walks in the current activity program (including my commitments) and asked other CBC starters to dream up some specific Cbr100Challenge training walks. My schedule is here.

8. The event published a Nick A’Hern training plan and it gave me a shock. I have to do as much as I can in order to be anywhere near the finish line.

7. Several members of the Canberra Bushwalking Club are participating in the event, doing 50km walk, 100km run and 100km walk. Others are willing to provide support. Hopefully yet more will walk some of the way with us to provide encouragement.

6. Never fear – I’ll soon be in touch with family, friends, acquaintances and enemies to ask for donations. I’d like to raise $6.6K (that amount has a certain resonance with my age).

5. I did some sussing and popular donation portals are expensive. One charges the charity $400 pa and takes 6.5% of your donations! Beryl use the Hands Across Canberra giving portal. Have asked them to consider a couple of changes. Grass roots, but every single cent of your donations go to Beryl, as Hands Across Canberra have corporate partners who fund them!

4. So I’ll donate 1/3 of the registration cost to the Heart Foundation (the official charity for the event). That will salve my conscience and I’ll raise funds for the Beryl Women Inc. They run a women’s shelter in Canberra.

3. Sean found favour and our team’s registration fee was provided by ActewAGL. Use more utilities!

2. Met Sean D on 30 Sep 14 and he asked if we could join up. He’s a mountain runner! Sean rounded up a mate, Richard P. Add their two ages together and they’re still less than mine! Old fool.

1. Why oh why did I think I could do this?