New track junction

Monday 21 February 2022: Mt Tennent via the new track ! – L/E. Mt Tennent via the new track.


Distance: 13.3km | Climb: 783m | Time: 4hrs 42mins moving time, plus 30mins of stops and breaks | Grading: L/E; M(9).


Photographs are available here.

gpx File

Download the gpx file for this trip recorded on a GPSr here.

Track Notes

No different AllTrails trip report, due to user error. The AllTrails trip report was built from my GPSr record.

For most people, Mt Tennent is a walk in the park. But for me today it was a bit of a milestone. Last October, all I could manage was to the first bridge above Cypress Pine Lookout, taking 55mins to get there. Today it took 48mins and I had the puff to make it all the way via the new track to Mt Tennent.

Walking by 7.35am as it was forecast to be a 29°C day.

I must be a grumpy old man, because I kicked over a rock stack at the Tennent Homestead turn off and grumbled to myself whenever a step (particularly a timber one) was circumnavigated (it makes the step more susceptible to destruction from the side).

A quick sit at Cypress Pine Lookout.

Cypress Pine Lookout

The vast majority of the timber rises above Cypress Pine Lookout have been replaced by stone steps. This is the first thing noticed about the track work. It has certainly fire-proofed the track.

Good views to the Tinderrys from the first major exposed slab (waypoint marked on the map below). I was resting here when two young things overtook me, chatting away, and soon disappeared in the distance. Spurred me on!

View to the Tinderrys

Quite a few Fringe Lilies on the side of the track.

Fringe Lily

I made it to the junction with the new track at 9.30am, 1hr 53mins after starting.

A lovely length of totally new track, the first part replacing the old link track which curves SW then SE (see map below). Many, many stone steps (see waypoint on map below).

One of many flights of stone steps on the new track

There are two major slabs with views, the first (see waypoint on map below) …

View from the first lookout slab

… and the second (see waypoint on map below), with Castle Hill prominent.

View from the second lookout slab

The new track runs E of the top and approaches Mt Tennent from the S. I never get tired of the hilly view to the west.

Deadmans Hill, Booroomba Rocks, Blue Gum Hill from Mt Tennent

Of course, the Tennent fire tower.

Mt Tennent fire tower

There’s a handy track marker to set one off on the return leg.

Mt Tennent track marker

The top of the new track is quite close to and parallels the Mt Tennent fire trail.

Nearby Mt Tennent fire trail at the top of the track

No Coke in the fridge at the NVC, so I stopped for one at the Tharwa Store.

Track Map

Here’s the track map for the trip.

Mt Tennent track

And here’s the new (blue), old (red) and very old (dotted black) track.

Mt Tennent track new (blue) and old (red)


Just moi.