View south to Johns Peak, Tidbinbilla Peak, Tidbinbilla Mountain and The Pimple

Tuesday 2 September: Tidbinbilla Geocaching  L/R. From the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Mountain Creek car park, we ll take the Camel Back Fire Trail towards the top. A bee-line to the old radio transmitter tower. Camels Hump then Pierce Trig. Return towards Camels Hump then off the side down Hurdle Creek to Nildesperandum. Return over the Tidbinbilla River to the picnic areas. 7 geocaches. Around 16km and 800m climb. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: $12 per person (car shuttle required). Emergency contact details must be registered/provided to book. Late bookings considered.

4 of us drove to various parking spots in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, the first being Mountain Creek car park.

Further Information

A change of plans due to the weather and slippery and wet conditions in the bush.


Distance: 22.4km | Climb: 1080m | Time: 8.40am-3.35pm (6hrs 55mins), with 45 mins of breaks and lots of driving time | Grading: L/E; H(12-)

Track Maps

Track overview

Walk 1

Walks 2-6

Walk 7


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Track Notes

Walk 1

We wandered up the Camel Back Fire Trail under overcast skies. Once or twice the rain drops had a bit of sleety bounce in them. It took us 1hr 15mins to cover the 5.6km to the burnt out radio tower. We quickly found the nearby GC4R3WW Amish Paradise.

Out along the old track back to the FT, then up the last bit to the Camel Back sign. Up the footpad to the cairn at the top, appreciating the staggering views to the south to Johns Peak, Tidbinbilla Peak, Tidbinbilla Mountain and The Pimple. It was a bit cool in the breeze. A quick find of GC1KZED Arabian Caravan. We then popped over the north side of the crest out of the wind for morning tea. The descent of Camels Hump to the north was slow due to wet and slippery grass and rocks.

Back on the Tidbinbilla Range Road, we clomped along to Pierce Hill. A slower find of GC21FQY On the Edge. It’s in a great location, on the little cliff-ette that you usually hang your feet over when having a break there. Huge views down to the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station and across to Spur 3.

A smart 8km in 1hr 30mins back to the car, the trip down the side of Camels Hump to Hurdle Creek postponed till another time. Raincoats on for the lower stages when the showers finally caught us. Lunch at the picnic table.

Walk 2

With my goal for the day now modified to log sufficient Agent Basil caches to qualify for his AB Tidbinbilla Maestro Pathtag, we drove to the Eucalyptus Forest car park. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the koala enclosure. On entry there are a bunch of koalas in a show area. Very cute. We whipped around some of the tracks and a bit cross country to log GC4T2WQ Basil’s Koala Encounter and GC2CM9M Peppermint Trail. Had a brief chat with a Ranger on the way back.

Walk 3

We next drove to the Hanging Rock car park and walked up Ashbrook Road Fire Trail to the bend where it crosses Ashbrook Creek (rather, the creek crosses the fire trail). Glad that Marmaduke Rothschild was in the party, as I didn’t have the appropriate caching information with me. Logged GC211D0 Ashbrook Creek. The creek looks lovely at the moment. However, the weather was deteriorating and my enthusiasm was waning.

Walk 4

Drove to Black Flats car park. Slipped along the start of the Bushland Meander track to, again with Marmaduke Rothschild’s help, log GC2PFRY Basil’s Bush Meander. Picked up a Rbirtles Corroboree Frog pathtab.

Walk 5

Next drove to Rock Valley to log GC36DMA Rockvalley Ruin.

Walk 6

The weather and waning enthusiasm began to win. Drove to Dalsetta car park and dashed over Turkey Hill to log GC23V29 Basil goes “Gobble Gobble”. No one objected when I called it a day.

Walk 7

Roger was keen that we stopped on the way home for me to log GC3RTAK Tidbinbilla RFS Shed. A car shuttle to complete this 400m ‘walk’, most of which I drove. An absolutely devious hide!

So that was it. I’ll have to add up my Agent Basil Tidbinbilla logs, but I don’t think I’ve yet qualified (grin).


4 walkers – Mark B, Roger E, Chris F, me.

Next Tuesday Walk

Tuesday 9th September: Nadgigomar Nature Reserve South – L/M. This is a long off-track walk in the southern section of Nadgigomar Nature Reserve, 15 km north of Braidwood. From the Euradux Road entrance we will follow a maze of spurs and gullies with many short, steep, ascents for 11 km to the northern boundary of the reserve on the Shoalhaven River. The return route is through undulating country in the east of the reserve. The going is either quite open in dry sclerophyll woodlands, or slower going through Casuarina forests. Minimum distance: 23 km with ~ 800 metres of ascent Map: Durran Durra. Leader: Ian W. Transport: 200 km return. Limit: 8. WALK FULLY BOOKED