Fun friends Lauren and Jasmine at the (unofficial) Corin ‘trig’

Sunday arvo 19 November: Corin’s Crown – S/R,X. A trig bagging and geocaching delight.

Further Information

As my companions are adrenaline junkies, I tried to satisfy them with a climb up the Corin Dam wall.


Distance: 7.3km | Climb: 400m | Time: 1.00 – 5.00pm (4hrs) door to door from my old folks home | Grading: S/M,ptX; M(8)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Everyone disappointed that we couldn’t get to Mts Burbidge and Kelly this weekend. However Sunday turned out to be a better day weather wise, so we organised a little trig and caching run.

Intrigued by the mention of a trig above Corin Dam, although recent technical advice was skeptical. Probable a private trig. Used for the construction of Corin Dam? Anyway, a ‘trig’ is a trig, whether unofficial or official, for trig-baggers, plus it has a geocache.

Mini-Walk 1

So we met at my old folks home (after I’d been to church to clear up the weather 😀 ) and drove Corin Rd to just before the dam. A stroll up the old road to the tank, then a 650m return bash through the pea regrowth to examine the Corin ‘trig’. Just a pole in a small cairn. But a quick find and log of geocache GC5MCG0 Corin’s Crown.

Mini-Walk 2

I’m not as generous as I seem, as it had been let slip that Jasmine is an expert geocache finder. So we drove to the Corin Dam car park and walked down the track beside the spillway to the Cotter River. A beaut swimming hole there for summer (if you’re into that). A quick look at the bottom of the spillway and the Cotter River outflow from the dam, then up the wall a bit to the location of GCHCWT Corin’s Core. No luck. A fun scramble up the rocky dam wall to the road.

Mini-Walk 3

Not wanting to finish on a sour note, the ladies agreed to another short caching run. So back to just past Corin Forest and a park at the old road-side quarry. A walk up the fire trails and a bit of bush to a couple of delightful locations which one would never visit, but to hunt geocaches. Quick finds and logs of GC2REBA Ski Sight (cache waterlogged) and GC7EBWW Punchbowl Perch.

And so back home, itchy feet again sated.

Thanks ladies, for your company. And thank you heaps for the flowers for Gay.

Track Maps

Track W1 and W2

Track W3


3 walkers – Lauren O, Jasmine S, me.