Last updated 13Apr15

Pre-trip Meet

13. A great set of pics via Brian – from Max L I think.

12. Max had Brian and me round for lunch on 10 Apr. If he feeds us like that in Tas, we’ll be right (thanks Chris!). I learned about batteries and matches (see below). We discussed plans B, C, D…. Not taking rope or crampons.


11. I enquired – can’t bring in semi sun-dried tomatoes.

10. See here. Can bring dried nuts; freeze dried camping food; processed foods including dried, cooked and canned fruit and vegetables; meat for human/personal consumption including salami, hams; cheese, milk and other dairy products; honey; noodles, pasta, rice, bread, cereals and sauces; tea, coffee and biscuits. Can’t bring fresh fruit.

Planned Trip

9. So the planned trip is around 54km with a 1080m climb. There is a .gpx file here and a .kml file here.

Digital Maps and OziExplorer

8. I was then able to plot some waypoints and a track (the digital maps show the Philps Lead track only, so the 2013 bypass was ‘guessed’ from the 1:50000 paper map). The resultant .kml file matches ok with what Google Earth shows.

7. The TASMAP digital maps unzip as .tif files. I stitched the two together and calibrated it in OziExplorer using Map Datum Australian Geodetic 1966, Mag Var 12 Deg 48 Minutes E and the 3 calibration points 55 415000.0E, 5327000.0S; 55 412000.0E, 5323000.0S; 55 404000.0E; 5320000.0S . I then saved the .map file.

Information, National Parks pass and maps

6. Purchase the Lodden 4032 digital map from for $2.00 and Vera 4031 digital map from for $2.00.

5. There is information on the walk at . Purchase a National Parks pass online at for $30.00. Order the 1:50,000 Frenchmans Cap Map and Notes from TASMAP online at for $11.95 + $5.00 postage.

What can’t you take on aircraft/take in carry on luggage

4. Batteries have to removed from equipment in pack (cargo luggage); they have to be taken in carry on luggage. Same with matches/lighter.

3. No gas/fuel for stoves can be taken on aircraft. Anaconda at Cambridge (Harvey Norman Centre, 66 Kennedy Drive,Cambridge, Tas 7170) is perfectly situated to buy gas on arrival.

Flights, hire car, accommodation

2. 3 of us going. Max booked a hire car and accommodation at the Derwent Bridge Hotel backpackers for $35 on the first night. We booked our flights and travel insurance and I thought it would be nice to stay the last night in Hobart at the Grand Chancellor and have fish and Cascade at Muirs, so I booked that.

The idea

1. I was walking with my good mate Max S a couple of months ago. He was just back from doing the South Coast Track in Tasmania and was taking about returning to do Frenchmans Cap. My ears pricked up and, even though it’s difficult to get away overnight, I was able to organise a pass. The plan is to fly down Sunday 19 April and drive to Derwent Bridge, walk Monday-Thursday 20-23 April (4 days gives us one up our sleeves for bad weather or poor visibility), return to Hobart 23 April and fly home Friday 24 April.