River crossing training in Cotter River

Sunday 18 February: River crossing training – S/R,W. An opportunity to learn safer ways to cross rivers. Particularly recommended for leaders, and anyone contemplating walking in NZ or Tasmania. The course will cover assessing a river and choosing a crossing place, solo crossing techniques, team crossing techniques, and a demonstration, in which you can participate if you wish, of swimming with a pack. Participants in the previous course, about 3 years ago, found it a lot of fun. The instructors are CBC leaders with experience in river crossing, but are not formally accredited in any way. The location is below Corin Dam. We will leave Canberra around 1.30 pm and should be back by 5.30 pm. Leaders: Linda G, Lorraine T, Rowan P.


Distance: a few of hundred metres | Time: 1.45pm – 5.00pm (3hrs 15mins), including a yummy arvo tea | Grading: S/E; E(4)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.


Track Notes

An excellent afternoon organised by CBC Walks Secretary Linda G, with instruction from Lorraine T, Rowan P and Linda. Photography by Peter C.

We broke into groups of about 8 as we arrived, each group with an instructor. Down below the car park at the river, we visited 4 different parts of the river and were taught how to assess them as potential crossing points.

Then came a demonstration of lone river crossing using a stick, which we then all practised.

Next, a demo of linked group crossing and practise.

Arvo tea, and finally a demo and practise of swimming with a pack.

A great time and much fun. Confidence building for me. Now all I have to do is learn to swim 😆 .

3 of us exited via the Corin Dam wall.

Some notes here.


31 participants.