Track Geocaching and Urambi Hills

Monday evening 17 February: Urambi Hills – S/E. Meet at 6:30 at Learmoth Drive (Turn from Athlon Drive into Learmoth Drive, pulling over to the left, about 50metres from the traffic lights). We will enjoy a pleasant stroll with views. No need to book. Map: Tuggeranong. Leader: Phillip S. Transport: Drive yourself.

23 of us met.


Distance: 5.4km | Climb: 200m | Time: 6.20-8.00pm (1hr 40mins). An extra ∼1.5km of walking for my caches | Grading: S/E; E(5)

Track Map


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slide show.

Google Earth

Download the Google Earth .kmz file here.

Track Notes

Left home a little early and drove and walked Kambah Pool Rd to finish off the Most Haunted geocache series – GC4NWTV Most Haunted #7: Exorcist House; GC4NWTA Most Haunted #6 Eastern State Penitentiary; GC4WJWQ Most Haunted #10: Ancient Ram Inn; GC4WF0M Most Haunted #8: Pico House; GC4MX2B Most Haunted #5 Bird Cage Theatre.

Then drove to Learmonth Drive, along a bit from the walk meet point and found GC4V61G Alan & Joel.

Parked at the meet point and got the nod from the walk leader to go ahead and find a cache, then meet the party at the trig. My, what a turn up – popular leader (or was it the cool evening for once … or, with 7 CBC Committee members on the walk, were we giving him the once over ;-)).

Belted up the hill, went to the wrong cache site (the start WP for GC1XAHH Chinese Counters). As I’d previously solved it, popped over to the final GZ and logged it. Belted the rest of the way up the hill. After catching my breath, peered down the spur and the rest of the folk were only just coming up.

There was a dodgy bloke over by the big Kurrajong tree and I asked him if he was looking for GCYVXF Upper Urambi. He assured me he wasn’t a cacher and was looking for seeds. Initially I thought he was being evasive, but then saw him gathering seed pods. Had a further look for the elusive cache.

The rest of the party arrived, including Kittykatch. As we were leaving the area, I saw her over by the tree. A huge shout out to her (my geo-mother … got me started on this game) for a monster help with this one and thus giving me back hours of my life (that I would have spent looking for this little fellow). A very clever hide, so a favourite from me.

Then a nice little ramble and chat as we completed the (shortened because of wickedly slow and naughty geocachers) loop.


23 walkers – Mike B, Julie Anne C, Peter C, Clare C, Robert D, Gavin F, Linda G, Tony H, Kath H, Cate K, Cath K, Stephen M, Quentin M, Phillip S (leader), Chris S, Lorraine T, Ian T, Barb V, Amanda W, Gabrielle W, Tim W, Teresa Z, me.