Leaving Rabbit Island

Friday morning 16 February: Googong caching paddle. Leader: Marmaduke Rothschild

Further Information

A paddle with the big boys, Max and Mike, the previous Monday.


Distance: 2.5km | Climb: 0m | Time: 8.05am – 9.00am (55mins) | Grading: S/E; VE(3)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A year or so ago, a mate from church loaned me a kayak. It’s basic and about as long as it is wide, but it floats. And isn’t life all about “whatever floats your boat”? And Mike B loaned me a proper paddle. With my innate fear of water, here was an opportunity to work on that fear (although the best way might be to learn to swim). So, with the help of friends, I’m able to do a bit of paddling. So far, I’ve graduated from Point Hut Pond to Lake Tuggeranong to Lake Burley Griffin (last Monday with Max and Mike). So today was a caching foray to the islands of Googong Dam. The loan boat is also very handy, as it can be single-handedly popped in the back of the old Tribute with the tailgate window hanging open.

The Googong Foreshore gates don’t open till 8am, so we arranged to meet there and then. Drove to the Drum Stick Point ramp to launch. Lovely still morning before the heat of the day.

A paddle to Rabbit Island to log GC4MX8R Lapin Land, then across to the unnamed island to log GC64GZZ C+2M Island. Finally to Long Neck Island to log GC4MX8D Long Land.

A chance for me to find and log GC5FEJY I’m in Love with My Car on the way out.

We stopped and did some legs of a Tankengine multi, but I had to go before completion.

A quick nab of GC5DVV9 Royalla Solar Storm on the drive home.

Thanks for organising Roger.

Track Maps



2 paddlers – Roger E (leader) (Marmaduke Rothschild), me.