Lunch in the shade and views from the NW flank of Old Joe Hill

Wednesday Walk 11 March 2023: E-M Goorooyarroo Reserve/Mulligans Flat Reserve Circuit. A circuit walk through the open woodlands of the Goorooyarroo and Mulligans Flat Reserves. Starting from Wildbark Visitor Centre, we head on good track to the Mulligan’s Wetlands, then onto the Woolshed. From here we head across country to the ACT/NSW borderlands to pick up a track to Gooroo Hill and across undulating and steepish country to Old Joe Hill, for good views. This will be our furthest and highest point of the walk. We will head back off track though some light woodland/and grassland to Sammy’s Hill. There’ll be a fire trail bash from Sammy’s back down the hill towards the Visitor Centre.


From Garmin Connect (MAP66i) – Distance: 15.41km | Climb: 509m | Time: 3:40 moving + 1:32 of stops = 5:12 | Grading: M/E-M; M(10).

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Track Notes

I was last in Goorooyarroo NR on 5 Dec 22.

We met at WildBark this morning (have to park in the street, as the large car park in front of the building is not open at 8.30am).

Popped round the side of the building to the ‘backyard’.

Hanging garden at Wildbark

Out through the gate our excellent leader John pointed out our route for the day.

Leader John shows the way

We took the raised walkway to the Echidna Gate and on to the Wetlands Dam.

Wetlands Dam

Tracks took us north to the Mulligans Flat shearing shed, then NE along the main track. We turned off into the open woodland near the Bettong signage.

Bettong signage

Those up front caught a sight of a bettong hopping quickly into cover.

We passed through the Treecreeper Gate and gained the ACT-NSW border. A nearby border marker in very poor condition.

The track headed generally East. A pause in the shade for morning tea.

A long sweep SE and S along the border track. Getting warm in the sun.

Walking the border management trail

Continuing our walk on the outside of the predator-proof fence, we headed up to Gooroo Hill. A few border markers on the way, the best was F4.

Border marker F4

One nearly always sees a shingleback in these Nature Reserves.

Shingleback lizard

A brief stop at Gooroo Hill, with the Cairn a hundred metres away on private NSW property.

Gooroo cairn, in NSW on private property

Down then up, via a management trail, to Old Joe Hill. Want to know who Old Joe was? Check out the story here.

Old Joe trig

A drink break as we took in the view.

A drink break and views from Old Joe Hill

We headed down off the top, looking for some shade for lunch. Found a delightful spot.

Lunch in the shade and views from the NW flank of Old Joe Hill

A steep exit down to the main S-N trail (perhaps I won’t use it for members of the public next month), exiting via the Buru Gate (gate 14).

Buru Gate 14

John certainly knew where he was taking us. Left the main track, skirted a dam and crossed the (dry) headwaters of Sullivans Creek, then up a management trail to Sammys Hill.

A scarred tree? on the way.

Indigenous scars?

Topped the hill and started down the Ground to Sky Walk. Some great signage.

Ground to Sky Walk signage N of Sammys Hill

Back at WildBark, many stayed for coffee (or a cold drink), a few of us didn’t.

A great little trip, thanks John!

Track Map

Here’s where we went, on Hall current e-topo map.

Track Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo NRs

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

There’s an interesting article, well worth a read, here. Although aimed at one app, it’s a general warning to be careful of community-sourced hiking data.


11 walkers – John K (leader).

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