We cross Nursery Creek at 12.45pm near a cascade

Saturday 14 October 2023 * – M/E,R,ptX. Nursery Swamp is one of the outstanding fens of its type on the Australian mainland. The open plain bordering it is treeless due to cold air drainage from the surrounding heights. There is a narrow band of frost-hardy black sallee eucalypts separating the grassland from surrounding snowgum woodland. The Nursery Swamp Walking Track is easy walking to the swamp.
Another couple of interesting sites will be visited.
The creek falls dramatically to the Boboyan Road over its last couple of kilometres. Views up the cut from the road indicate scrubby and difficult going. Around 10km and 400vm climb. A 200vm descent. A car shuttle is involved.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 11.94km | Climb: 380vm/Descent 395vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 3:18 moving + 2:35 of stops = 5:5:53 | Grading: M/E,R,ptX; M(11).


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gpx file

Download the gpx file here. The contributing waypoints and track have been modified to not show the location of NS1 and NS3.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Nursery Creek through walk


Trip Report

I was last in part of this area three days ago, on 11 Oct 23. I thought I’d been down the creek before, but no. Thanks to Mike Bremers for suggesting this through walk.

Ever too stupid to be reminded of bushwalking basics. We were halfway down the descent and crashing through quality scrub when Mike L reminded me that the going is usually better on north facing slopes. We crossed Nursery Creek and, lo and behold, somewhat better.

Good readers should know that one shuttles cars and shuffles cards. We did that, 7 walkers in 2 cars going direct to the Nursery Swamp Walking Track car park. 4 walkers in 2 cars drove to where the Boboyan Road crosses Nursery Creek. We left 1 car there on the side of the road and drove back to the NSWT car park. Amazingly, 11 walkers were ready to start.

40 minutes for the 2km to the crest of the Track, climbing 200vm. A detour. 2.5km in 35 minutes down to the end of the Track for morning tea. We left smoko at 10.30am and walked the 2.7km to lunch in 55 minutes.

Leaving lunch at 12 noon, we wandered down to rejoin Nursery Creek for the real start of the trip. 10 minutes later we touched the creek, here funneled into a swiftly flowing, clean water channel with plenty of aquatic growth.

Touching on Nursery Creek

Another, narrower, area of swamp was then traversed.

Looking down Nursery Creek, Booths Hill at back

A around 12.40pm the regrowth commenced. The creek line narrowed, at around the 1090m contour.

The regrowth starts

Soon after we crossed to the true left side.

We cross Nursery Creek at 12.45pm near a cascade

My friends endured my madness for around 250m. I’ve already admitted this whoopsie.

My stupid going through dense regrowth on the true left side

Mike L set me right and we crossed again.

Mike L gets us back through easier going on the true right side

By 1.40pm we were east of SH1362. The 2019-20 fire must have raged through the upper area.

Bare and burnt flank of SH1362 at 1.40pm

Most of the party stayed up from the creek line.

Climbing back out of Nursery Creek at 1010m contour

Two took the lower, bouldery route.

Cole and Chris down in the creek

Just after 2pm we spotted the Boboyan Road. The party scattered like scalded cats, making multiple ways down to the road.

We spot the Boboyan (Bobeyan) Road

The last leg, from lunch down Nursery Creek was 3.6km, taking 2 hours 25 minutes.

At stages during the day, we visited Nursery Swamp Rock Art site 1 (NS1) and Nursery Swamp Rock Art site 3 (NS3). All I know about them (apart from the locations) are in those links.

Nursery Swamp rock art site 3 (NS3)

Nursery Swamp rock art site 1 (NS1)

Thanks all. Great party! And, amazingly, the car shuttle worked in reverse.


11 walkers – Jenny A, Michael C, Chris D, Richard H, Mike and Kathy L, Stephen M, Cole N, Beat O, Phillip S, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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