Orroral Valley from Orroral Tor

Saturday 12 January: Dawn Sortie Orroral Tor – S/R. Park at Orroral campground, walk the Heritage trail to the bridge, then take a direct line to the Tor and climb for great views. Descend, scrubby at times, to the valley and return to campground. Distance ~ 8km, ascent ~ 320 m. Leaders: Rob and Jenny H.

Further Information

Last did this trip, led by Rob, on 21 Jan 17.


Distance: 9.7km | Climb: 500m | Time: 6.05am – 10.45pm (4hrs 40mins), including 30 mins of breaks/caching time | Grading: M/R; M(10)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A dawn sortie to beat the forecast 35deg heat. We met at 5.15am and drove through the roos to the Orroral Camping Ground.

Walking at just after 6am and found the Orroral Heritage Trail. Delightfully cool. Nice views to the sun striking the hills on the opposite side of the Orroral Valley with mist beneath. We took the lower loop of the walking track.

On the way Marmaduke Rothschild and I had a cursory look for geocache GC7FAQT Lord of the Flies, but didn’t want to hold the party up. We regrouped at the bridge over the Orroral River.

From there, generally N to SH1085. Nice going on the lower slopes; a little scrubby towards the top. Then a further climb, a little E of N, to a shallow saddle. Easier going as we headed NW to the foot of the Tor.

An easy scramble up. Towards the top Rob told Roger E and I “this is where you head off for the cache”. I have no idea how he remembers such things in the bush – I last turned here 2 years ago to find the cache.

Roger and I enjoyed a little more strenuous scrambling and crawling and boulder top jumping to arrive at geocache GC1Y0WE Orroral Tor. Enormous views!

We extracted ourselves by un-jumping, un-crawling and un-scrambling N back to join the others. We were (rightly) given 90 seconds for morning tea, generously extended to 5 minutes.

Returned the same way. At the appropriate spot, Roger and I headed for geocache GC7FAQT Lord of the Flies, which he found and I logged.

Into the camping ground via the top track. A couple of tents had appeared since we left.

An excellent destination and scheduling for a hot day. Wonderful views! Thanks Rob and Jen and all.

Track Map




9 walkers – Mark B, Roger E, Vin F, Graham , Janice H, Roger H, Rob and Jenny H (leaders), me.