Orca Rock

Wednesday 12 April: Rendezvous Crags – M/R. A circuit to some of the granite outcrops between Rendezvous Crags and Nursery Hill, including Orca Rock.  From the Rendezvous Creek carpark we stay on the true left of the creek for nearly 4 km then head steeply up to the ridge that leads to spot height 1403. The main ascent is about 360 metres and we will start to encounter some granite near the top. The top of the ridge and the spot height are scrubby and lack views, but we will reach an outcrop about 200 metres beyond the spot height that has good views, and, after a short optional scramble, excellent views. From there we turn west and down to Orca Rock (un-scramblable, but photogenic) and descend to Rendezvous Creek and back to the cars. 13 km, total ascent and descent ∼450 metres, mainly off-track, lots of light to moderate scrub and some thick scrub i.e. very rough terrain but at a moderate pace as my feet are still convalescing. Forecast is cloudy but dry, light winds, max (at altitude) around 14 degrees. This walk replaces the previously-planned walk to Coolumburra Cliffs because of forecast drizzly weather nearer the coast. No need to book, but the usual Wednesday walk participation rules apply. Meet at Kambah shops, 8.30 am. Map: Rendezvous Creek. Leader: Linda G. Transport: $10 per person.

Further Information

Came in near here from the Boboyan Road on 10 Feb 15.


Distance: 15.2km | Climb: 670m | Time: 7.40am – 4.50pm (9hrs 10mins), including 50 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R; H(12)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes


I’ve had my eye on ‘The Stuff of Nightmares’ series around the Rendezvous Creek loop walk for a while, but it’s a long way to drive without another reason. Here was the perfect opportunity, especially as Linda G was leading the Wednesday Walk – she always has great destinations.

So I teed up to meet them down there and left town early. Wandered around the series and, although not quite at the standard of the fabulous sequel ‘Trail of the DAMNED!’, there were still a couple of great constructions and surprises.

Picked up GC63Q0Y The Stuff of Nightmares #01 Abandon all Hope, GC6BNC2 Secret Cave, GC63Q30 The Stuff of Nightmares #02 No Guts no Glory, GC63PZ6 The Stuff of Nightmares #03 One Foot in the Grave, GC63V4A The Stuff of Nightmares #04 Along came a Spider (great, got a favourite from me), GC63RWB The Stuff of Nightmares #05 Zombie Apocalypse Now and GC63RPD The Stuff of Nightmares #06 Dead Letter Office (another favourite with a double surprise!).

Had a wander from the second footbridge over Rendezvous Creek back to the bench and table, then back to a boulder near the bridge to wait. Saw the party a way off and wandered up to join in.

Wednesday Walk – Orca Rock

I wouldn’t relish leading a party of 14 in the scrub and boulders, but Linda does it at a measured pace and with no fuss.

After a short distance below the tree line, we began a long sidle up to the crest of the Rendezvous ridge. The climb up to near the 1100m contour and morning tea was mild scrub, but ‘quality scrub’ was promised for later. A further sidle and climb of 100 vertical metres followed, with the going slowing us. Even Linda suggested a better approach may be to walk further up the creek in the open, then climb more directly (but steeper). The third 100+ vertical metre climb to the crest found us in the ‘quality scrub’, progress slowed to 52mins for 630m across the ground.

We reached the crest (the watershed line on the map) at 12.20pm. Turning NW, we climbed a little more, passed within 20m of SH1403 and were in the boulders with some views for lunch. Some good views down onto the Rendezvous Creek valley and tree-obscured ones across to Nursery Hill.

After lunch we moved 300m NW to a feature Linda calls a ‘rock with a view’. We were invited to an optional climb (more like a leap of faith). For some reason I joined the few who did so, thankful for Mike S’s foot at the completion of the leap. A spider scuttle (on all fours) up the steep incline for huge views from the top. I think my voice on the ‘Apres luncheon adrenaline shot‘ video is a little shaky. A 4-points of contact (hands + feet + bum) descent of the incline and another leap had me still in the land of the living.

We then tracked generally west and down to Orca Rock. A magnificent tor rearing up. A little time to explore the granite windows. A lyrebird nest nearby.

Next followed another circuitous downhill route to an area of granite blocks and tors. Linda commented that it is a lot better to approach and appreciate the area coming down, rather than huff and puff up to it and be out of breath. We are indeed very fortunate to be able to walk amongst these magnificent structures – for those who can’t, I hope my reports, photos and videos give you a taste of what is out there.

Like life for this old codger, it was all downhill from here, but still very enjoyable. We dropped 300 vertical metres over 850m across the ground – you can see the slope on the profile.

We crossed Rendezvous Creek, had a brief break, then were given our head to walk back to the cars. Of benefit to me, as I travelled alone so could leave as soon as I got back. The last leg-stretching 5.5km in 65mins.

Huge thanks Linda, a great destination. Walk with this leader if you possibly can.

Track Maps

Track overview

Track overview Orca Rock and geocaching

Geocaching track (final GZs of multis deleted)

Track 1

Track 2



14 walkers.