Mts Gudgenby, ‘Mouat’, SH1733, Mts Kelly and Burbidge from the Mavis Ridge

Tuesday 11 August: An interesting cave site on the southern approach to Mt Herlt – M/R/X. On a previous walk we came across a cave that is worth another visit. The approach is via the Rendezvous Creek grasslands and up a wooded spur on to the ridge that leads to Mt Herlt. The exit will be exploratory – out via Middle Creek. The walk will just scrape into M for length but will be rough and scrubby on the spurs up and down. About 400m climb, about 13km distance. Map:  Rendezvous Creek. Leader:  Jenny H.  Transport:  $40 per vehicle.

12 of us drove in 3 vehicles to the Rendezvous Creek car park.


Distance: 12.5km | Climb: 500m | Time: 8.50am-3.05pm (6hrs 15mins), including 60 mins of breaks | Grading: M/R; H(12)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Download the .kml file.

Track Notes

Yet another perfect winter’s day. Blue sky, only a little breeze. Nice in the sun; a bit cool descending the steep and shaded SW face of the Mavis Ridge to Middle Creek.

An uneventful walk along the Rendezvous Creek Walking Track to over the first bridge, up to the knoll with the bench, then across the grasslands to the fence across the bottom of the Mavis Ridge near Pheasant Creek. 3.8km in 1hr 3mins.

Then 230m ascent of the spur towards the crest of the ridge. Apologies, Jen, pretty much exactly the same track as 16 May 15. As you said, it was later in the morning we met the difficult going; then and today a relatively easy climb through medium scrub. We found a cave in the granite tors that we wandered through, then settled nearby for a relaxed morning tea. This leg 1km in 1hr.

There is an obvious discontinuity in both the published track (map segment, kml and gpx files) and the photos to protect the location of the probable indigenous site we spent some time examining. Party members with more experience than most in these matters were undecided about the ‘paint’ on the wall of the huge overhang – there was plenty of iron colouring in the granite, but a pair of daubs could be a representation of kangaroo tracks. However, there were definitely several flakes about, in stone foreign to the surrounding granite.

After some time we began our descent towards Middle Creek. Some absolutely wonderful granite tors and blocks, huge unburnt Mountain Gums and a steep descent. At the top of one slot, a gigantic piece of granite had broken away. Damper (and colder out of the sun) on this face of the ridge. A few slips and slides – mine damaged my dignity. As the gradient eased and the going became easier, we crossed a fence line. Down to Middle Creek, then a little upstream to the Middle Creek rock shelter for lunch in the sun. This leg 1.2km in 1hr.

We followed Middle Creek downstream on the true left bank. Two wins – we didn’t get our feet wet having to cross it and I’d not walked this side before. Very pleasant, with light scrub, some open patches and some lovely young trees. Saw the Jack Rustin Hut site Candlebarks from the ‘back side’. We called in at the Middle Creek cascades and followed them down to the bottom. This leg 1.5km in 35mins.

Leaving the creek, we traversed north-east across the grasslands and back down the RCWT. 4.4km in 1hr.

This was an excellent round, thanks Jen. A great look around our recent discovery, some wonderful granite and tall timber on our descent and a beaut walk along Middle Creek. Thanks to everyone for their company.

Track Map



12 walkers – Melinda B, Jan G, Philip G, Eric G, David H, Meredith H, Matthew H, Jenny H (leader), Stewart J, Jacqui R, Ian W, me.

Next Tuesday Walk

Tuesday 18 August: Return to our Southernmost Point – L/M. This walk to the ACT’s southernmost point begins/ends near the Mt Clear Campground. We travel through beautiful mountain forest and high meadows and see several hut ruins and stockyards. The climax is surveyor Freddie Johnston’s 1915 fire-damaged but still standing reference tree at the southernmost point (NB the border fence and the true border do not align and the walk is framed accordingly). Some off-track. Around 17km and 300m climb. Maps: Colinton, Bredbo. Leader: Matthew Higgins. Bookings: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: ∼$15.