Last updated 19Dec19

The Crinigans Stone Hut site is located in the western edge of the suburb of Amaroo, to the north of the confluence of a feeder drainage line and Ginninderra Creek.

Location: GR 55H FB 93018-5965 (MGA94), Hall 8727-4S 1:25000

Crinigans Stone Hut site, November 2019

Visit: 27 Nov 19

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• From signage at site:

• From geocache GC3X8ZV Crinigan’s Hut
One of the few remnants of early settlement along Ginninderra creek, now a part of suburbia.
Crinigan’s hut was built around 1842 by John and Maria Crinigan. They lived here until 1863 when Maria died. John then moved elsewhere, but his daughter lived here from 1865 to the mid 1870’s. After this the cottage fell into ruin and remained on private farmland until the suburb of Amaroo was created.
A sign detailing the history of the site is located nearby.
In 1992, members of the Canberra Archaeological Society and the Crinigan family excavated the site and cleared the rubble so that a stonemason could stabilize (more of a rebuild!) the remaining walls.

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