Last updated 16Apr23

BaseCamp Tips and Tricks

1 Where’s my data?

BaseCamp stores all data (routes, tracks, waypoints) in a central database. The location of that database is not user-configurable. (if you want to know: the database is located in the folder C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\BaseCamp)
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So, if we want to manage our trip records outside that proprietary database, we will have to do a File, Export… to save them and a File, Import… to retrieve them. A useful way to manage them, as you can then copy/share them with others, etc.

2 BaseCamp won’t integrate with Google Earth Pro

You normally use Google Earth Pro and when you do a View, Google Earth… in BaseCamp, it fails to integrate. Thanks to Terrylea R, who discovered that you have to also have Google Earth (ie. the non-Pro version) installed. So, have both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro installed, start Google Earth Pro and, in BaseCamp, do View, Google Earth….

3 Use BaseCamp to convert a Garmin fit file to gpx

On my Epix Gen 2 watch, Actities are stored as fit files in This PC\EPIX\Internal Storage\GARMIN\Activity\ You might like to ‘extract’ the gpx data.

In BaseCamp, do File, Import into ‘My Collection’ … and select the desired fit file. Check that’s what you want via the map display. Do File, Export, Export ‘My Collection’ …, specify the desired location for the gpx file, Save.